So who's playing Hearthstone ? :)

I tried and I was able to replace one quest. Interesting feature. On another note, something very useful I found out is, that when a mage casts that secret where they summon the same monster like you do, their monster will have no battlecry. So just cast a battelcry monster and you get a lot more value out of the same monster.
I still don't understand that feature. Maybe you can replace a quest when there is more than one? I clear mine daily and I can't replace it.

Regarding gthe Battlecry mechanic, there is a useful thread The Unspoken Rules of Hearthstone (this is the Google cached page as the Blizzard forum seems to be often unavailable).

I made it to Rank 12 before the reset, with Reynad's Warrior deck. I'm not sure but it seems a bit harder now, with all the players climbing again. I haven't made my mind to craft the Frothing Berserkers.

It would be a bit more satisfying to play my own little twist on it. So I had Captain Greenskin and Southsea Captain replacing the 3 drops and those work well sometimes but it's not very efficient, especially Greenskin if you want to pair it with a weapon it's usually too late, and earlier you'd want to play a Nightblade or Argent Commander instead.... and it's slow.

Southsea Captain is quite nice when it works. On a few occasions it buffs the Blood Raider and let me do a good trade. Perhaps it's not a terrible choice if I had two of them.

I also tried a Pirate deck with Captain's Parrot since I managed to complete that quest =) It failed pretty bad though :/ It seems like Captain's Parrot is making sense only if I had Legendaries so that I can play a slower Warrior. Otherwise it just made the aggro deck weaker.

It's really hard to find a replacement for a 2/4 at 3 mana that usually gains more Attack in the same turn it is played.

What's a bit disappointing to me now, is that I feel without buying lots of cards I'm stuck with playing very few viable decks and those tend to be aggro, since late game you run into all the legendaries. I don't enjoy Arena and I don't want to spend more than 10 € a month on the game so I'm looking at one pack a day, at most.

Do you guys know some truly cheap/budget decks that are viable for Ranked besides Reynad's Warrior, "Zoo" Warlock and maybe Trump's Mage deck ?
Talking about obscure mechanics he is a great one on Reynad's stream (@ 39m):

The gist of it is that when your own minions attack your Hero (misdirection) they take the weapon damage. An explanation of sorts is that on your turn, your weapon is equipped, whereas on the opponent's turn, the weapon is sheathed.

So in this case if he attacks with the Axe, the Hunter is at 3 Health. He would still probably insta win on next turn by playing Nightblade since the Hunter is unlikely to heal... but it would not be ideal usually. If he attacks with the Leper Gnome, it dies to its own weapon, and the weapon can still swing for an additional 3 damage and lethal.
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Ooh, the weapon doesn't lose durability!

Another one: a silenced Druid of the Claw in Bear Form is still 6/4 - despite the text on the card ("+2 health"), it's not a buff; it's a different minion.

Ancient of War, on the other hand, will return to 5/5 even though its card text is very similar to the Druid's.
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Had a pretty fun Warrior mirror match tonight at Rank 20.

It's a silly deck I put together on my 2nd account. It's got small minions early game with Murlocs and Razorfen's, and then some charge hitters like Kor'kron.. if the opponent does not deal with them it's got Frostwolf and Raid Leader =) If they deal with it, then it's got Rocketeer's and then beefier minions (Boulderfist, Spiteful Smith). It's only got Fiery War Axe, no Arcanite's. And then three Taunts. And then 2x Novices and Shield Block for card draw, whew.

I'm going to see how far I can get with it =) I'm guessing maybe 2-3 ranks more and then it won't be able to survive mid game once the better cards start dropping but maybe the concept can be improved, I call it "Commander" :p

(ps: he didn't seem too bad, though it was kinda strange that he played 2 Armorsmith early game, I don't know... adding armor or health usually isn't that effective I think? I was expecting a Shield Slam.. maybe he didn't luck out on it)
Finally I have some more time on my hands and am back to playing more frequently now. Because I played every now and then during the last weeks and finished quite a few quests, I was able to buy 4 pro decks. That was a lot of fun and I even got one epic. I tried arena again and my first run after the break didn't go to well (2:3). But the second one was the best I ever had with a 7:3. I even got 4 rewards, although nothing special and actually very little gold. That was yesterday, so today I tried again and was at 5:0 with a hunter deck. Too bad it ended 5:3 Wink. I wonder whether the official launch made a lot of new players try the game, because I wasn't able to win that often in arena before. Anyone here, who already has the 500 games neccessary for a golden hero Smile?
Many tried the game because you got a free mount in WoW if you won 3 games.

Fun btw, I'm new and playing shaman mostly, got to r19 and 5:2 so far in arena.
riogray Wrote:I wonder whether the official launch made a lot of new players try the game, because I wasn't able to win that often in arena before.
Hmm maybe I should try Arena sooner than later Smile

So what I did now is quit using my secondary US account, and started playing on NA region instead (you can now chnage region on the launcher).

I set up a reminder every 2-3 days on my tablet and thus when I login NA region I have three quests at once, which is fun, and I can reroll one depending on whatever comes up.

And then the idea is to use this one to practice Arena, while I prefer the more steady influx of cards on my main account.

@Helltrixz : oh noes.. you are lost now. :p

I'm starting to be more confident with deck building. The one I posted earlier is pretty bad lol. I'm now using a Warrior aggro deck which abuses Amani's, Worgen's, Acolytes, Gurubashi's + Warsong Commander + Whirlwind Smile And also a Mad Bomber for the lolz. .. And 2x Shield Block and 1x Shield Slam (epic) works out pretty well, I often have block before slam, and thus can kill a 5 Health creature for 1 mana. It's really fun in Casual, and was winning like 8/10 matches so yesterday I started Ranking with it and it's not doing too bad. I decided to stop caring about rank win/loss and really focus on what works and what doesn't and then try to refine the idea.

I wish I could test 2x Shield Slam ... but come to think of it I still don't know if you can put two of the same Legendary or Epic in a deck. Anyone knows?
riogray Wrote:Anyone here, who already has the 500 games neccessary for a golden hero Smile?
Not I :/

On that subject at first when I heard of the news I thought "dayumm... that's a lot of wins".

Only later I realized the subplot: WINS. In RANKED. That means if you win, those are going to be wins that are quite challenging since you are going to climb.

And if you don't want to climb, you can't reset right? Is it really efficient to Concede over and over? Reddit seems to suggest some people would do that...

Also Reynad made a good point on his stream, this discourages learning a lot of Heroes. To be good at this game you need to play all Heroes and learn all the cards I think... so essentially grinding for a Golden Hero doesn't seem to be a good idea except for the very best players?
I made a cheatsheet to use on a tablet, if there is any interest I can post the PSD file so you can edit to your liking in Photoshop.

[Image: jrrMnETTrwML.png]

It's not complete yet. Mostly I fill as I go. It is not meant to have all cards either, but those that I see most often.

I originally had a Google spreadsheet and then thought a picture could work better. It turns out rather convenient because when I double-tap the picture with the Dropbox app on iPad, it zooms by 33% so it fills in exactly the whole screen with one of the Hero's in the picture (in case you don't want to squint eyes to read the text =)).
That's usefull, thanks! What are the colours for though? Yellow is aoe, but white and purple? I recently realized that rogues are very cool to play. Their combo cards are very good and I really like the style you have to play. The devias card is fun, but also the one where you do 2 damage when you play it (can't remember the name, but the one for 3 mana). I am aiming to create a good deck now for myself, but I miss a few crucial cards. I could create some, but somehow I want to wait until I have enough dust for a legendary card (although that will take a while).
ファブリス Wrote:I wish I could test 2x Shield Slam ... but come to think of it I still don't know if you can put two of the same Legendary or Epic in a deck. Anyone knows?
You can't put two of the same Legendary in a deck (except in Arena), but Epics are just regular cards. Heck, every Druid deck contains two Ancients of Lore just because they're actually epic in that they're that good. Smile

As for the cheat sheet, I'd add Ancient of War (cheaper and better than Ironbark Protector but vulnerable to Silence), Eye for an Eye (sure, you almost never see it, but it'd suck to lose a game to it), Argent Protector, Lightning Storm and Keeper of the Grove.
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@riogray Correct yellow is generally some kind of board clear or AOE to watch for. White is just some highlights. It's a work in progress and I'm not entirely decided how to "code" it.. purple is Epic cards for now... I figure they are generally something more powerful so having them stand out works out fine. The yellow ones are the ones I tend to forget about when I'm tired and the ones you generally want to plan for sometimes multiple rounds in advance.

Yeah Rogue is fun.. I think I may practice the Rogue as my secondary Hero. Here's a nice deck I found about Value/Tempo Rogue. Later I was checking ek0p's stream and turns out he seems to be playing exactly that deck Legendary with Rogue (twitch).


Thanks! Wait does that mean the Crafting function automatically picks a second legendary of any kind for dusting?

True about Cenarius. I haven't seen it much, and indeed Ancient of Lore/War seems to be much more common. I tend to do badly vs Druids as a aggro Warrior so this may be why I haven't studied their late game enough. Never lost to Eye for an Eye though! Everything else definitely..

Come to think of it I also forgot to put in Blizzard for the Mage which I see quite often.

edit: but yeah, the last four Heroes are very much incomplete. I might post an update in a few days.. if I find time between two games :p

edit2: note how I underlined "attack" this means specifically attacked by a minion or by the opponent Hero with a weapon or attack buff. If the Secret says "when the Hero is attacked" it means "Damaging spells and abilities, and damaging effects from card text or battlecries on cards such as Knife Juggler, will not trigger the secret."
Here's an updated cheatsheet

[Image: jSgkOkGnTvkdk.png]

I should probably remove a bunch of spells that are going to be in every deck anyway... like Shaman's removal spells. Not much you can do about them, so I don't know if there's any point really trying to dodge 1 mana cost Forked Lightning or Lightning Bolts?

I still don't understand how to reroll quests. It always work on US region when I have three quests. I let one accrue on EU region, I have two, the red cross button is there, it doesn't work. Quit game, try again, it doesn't work. What's going on? Do you have to have three to reroll ?
You don't have to have three. I would contact support on this one. Thanks for the updated sheet! You could ad the Defias Ringleader to the rogue part, because they like to play this one very often and in combination with the coin you are able to summon a 2/2 and 2/1 in the first round.
I was really lucky yesterday and got Illidan. So happy, my first legendary card. Do you have any so far? Also, I managed to get to rank 13 today, a first for me Smile
I set myself a limit of a 7 Packs purchase per month. This was my draw yesterday: 11 Rares, 3 Golden cards, 2 Epics, and Gruul. So that's my first legendary. I'm not sure what deck can take advantage of this guy. edit: I'm not disenchanting anything anymore pretty much, I kept track of my disenchants... it adds up over time. I could have completed the Murlock set by now if I had known better :/

Grats! What deck do you play on Ranked?

I decided to quit focusing on the rank itself because I lose all my progress on the one deck that works well for me, when I experiment with my own deck ideas. :/ Then again maybe that's what I should always have done: focus on improving my play rather than stress out about ranks wins/losses.

I'm hovering at 17-16 atm with a silly Warlock deck that uses enrage minions with Dread Infernal. It's pretty fun when it works. It's definitely more than situational with Mortal Coil, Amani's Worgen's, Acolyte for card draw... and Dread Infernal can sometimes clear enemy minions too. I was surprised how nasty Gurubashi's can be at times! They tend to live more than a round... and they're awesome vs low damage AOE's like Consecrate and Holy Nova..

Actually here's the current version of the deck. Suggestions welcome. I don't mind if it 's not viable for legendary a I can still work a lot on my "trading" skills I am focusin atm on having an idea and making a decent deck with it. Understanding how to add card draw and such.

[Image: jbz1IDL9plCAOe.png]

One thing I need to improve is card draw.
The early game is not that great but the deck survives quite a while late game which is surprising... so I need to improve card draw. I have had close matches where I have big minions out (enraged Gurubashi's and Drad Infernal), but my health is too low after using Hero ability too much.
I kind of decided not to buy anything after I bought two rounds of arena in a row. I need to save money, because I am going to Japan in the end of May for a holiday and I don't want to limit myself too much when I'm there. I only disenchant cards which I have more than two times and by doing that I have accumulated about 500 dust so far. I want to get 1600 to be able to create a legendary though, so I will probably have to wait another while until I get enough.

I watched your deck opening video and the first two decks I was like "Oh what a coincident, that he turns them in such an order, that the rare ones are the last ones". Then I realized the colour indicates the type allready before you turn them. I had never noticed...

In regards to your Warlock deck, I once had a very neat card in arena with a warlock, which would get two demons out of your deck in your hand. You might consider adding that one, if you have it.

I play a hunter deck I recently put together. I made a screenshot, unfortunately all names are in German, but the icons are the same so I'll post it anyway:

edit: How do you make that image appear on the site? I swear I tried to replicate that for 10 minutes and wasn't able to.
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Sheesh that's potentially one of the most annoying Hunter decks I play against :p With the Sunwalker, and Snake Trap... not many hunters play it but it can, be real nasty with the Timberwolf.

Looks good. As a Warrior aggro I usually keep no more than two minions on the board to limit the effectiveness of Unleash the Hounds. The Sunwalker definitely is a bugger for aggro unless I'm lucky and have the Mortal Strikes ready.

For Minus, click the Share button then pick the forum code.
ファブリス Wrote:Do you guys know some truly cheap/budget decks that are viable for Ranked besides Reynad's Warrior, "Zoo" Warlock and maybe Trump's Mage deck ?
I'm rank 2 and I see a lot of Shoclock (see also) and Zoo, a couple varieties of Hunter (and some of them run two copies of Flare, so they must be seeing plenty of other Hunters too) and the occasional Murlocs. The only Warrior deck I see is the Control one with six Legendaries and four Epics (and I swear, at least 19 of the other 20 cards are also identical between them); haven't seen much Mage at all, definitely not a single Trump. I play Token Druid (Faction's version, with Auctioneer and Thalnos for Cenarius and Pagle), which is relatively cheap (had no trouble getting to 6 or so with a very incomplete build of some other Token deck), and seem to be the only one doing so (Druid is decently popular, just haven't seen a single Token Druid) so there's clearly some room for decks that other people aren't using...
Quote:I decided to quit focusing on the rank itself because I lose all my progress on the one deck that works well for me, when I experiment with my own deck ideas.
Hitting Legendary would be the superior solution, you'll stay Legendary until the end of the season. Wink (I certainly plan to experiment once I get there or next month, whichever comes first)
Quote:As a Warrior aggro I usually keep no more than two minions on the board to limit the effectiveness of Unleash the Hounds.
As a Token Druid, I usually just kill them before they can make use of the cards they've drawn from Unleash the Hounds. Smile The deck counters Hunter pretty hard.
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Vempele Wrote:Hitting Legendary would be the superior solution, you'll stay Legendary until the end of the season.
Do you? I thought I saw Reynad once fall back from Legendary after losing to a Rank 5 or so while he was playing his "F2P Warrior".

Sunfury's and Knife Juggler's are two very strong cards that have eluded me for the past two months (roughly two months now since open beta). I also decided it's not worth disenchanting anything so it's down to RNGesus now.

My main gripe with the game atm, is when I wanna try something different, I'll win 9/10 games in Casual (obviously you can see many opponents are lacking experience or xpert cards) then I switch to Ranked and it loses consistently. I'm stubborn so I'm like "Am i really that bad? Do I really not understand how to trade efficiently? Does the deck make so much difference?".. so I switch to the Reynad Warrior where I don't even have the Frothing Berserkers and whoo-hee I win typically 3 out of 5 games, even as I was tired and thought it was just me being too tired to figure the correct play.

I wanted to learn to build decks and try different ideas, but it's pointless. All Ranked comes down to, is pick one of the basic winning formulas like aggro Warlock, swap cards according to what you have available, and then grind it out. Sure once you start grinding it out, skill is involved. But my disappointment now is that I realized there is no deck building as such. Everytime I want to try something "fun" it ends up being no fun at all because you either have one of the preset viable decks or you don't.

edit: What I meant there is that it is known that the game currently favors aggro. If you want to try something different, it tends to be mid/late game at which point there's just not many options. AmazHS plays a fun Priest deck with ocassionally really fun turns and situations due to stealing opponent cardS.. and you can see just how hard he has to think through his turns, and how slow the games are. :/

Part of the issue here also is that if you want to try something different, just relax and play "casually" the match up system doesn't care what cards you have, and you end up facing optimal decks so it doesn't work. It's always highly competitive, and currently there is nothing to do between Arena and Ranked since Casual is mostly inexperienced players with basic cards.

I'm beginning to understand why Kripp plays almost exclusively Arena...
Hmm this is interesting. I heard about MMR (match making rank?) but didn't realise how it work yet.

So after getting to rank 15-ish, indeed I was faced twice with decks that have legendaries and good cards in Casual play.

Annoying to complete quests; but that does give a way to practice deck ideas against sufficiently skilled opponents without losing the ladder progress.

So TLDR I can climb with the Warrior aggro or other standard deck, and then play test deck ideas in Casual.

I'm going to keep a tally of how many good decks I come accross in Casual... wonder if the hidden ranking changes after Casual losses or if it's based solely on the current Rank in ladder.
I don't believe you can drop out of Legendary once you reach it, so perhaps something else was going on there. I know Reynad often switches between NA and EU regions, that might have had something to do with it.

Anyway, I agree that the matchmaking system for Casual play could do with perhaps some more thought from Blizzard. Being ostensibly tied so closely to hidden MMR means that players who are just looking to "relax" and actually enjoy some slightly lower stress games probably can't do so if they've reached a certain level in Ranked. Although I don't think there's ever been a statement from the devs explicitly outlining how the MMR system works in relation to crossing over between Ranked and Casual, so it could work some other way.

The problem with the meta, and more or less the game in general, is that the only really viable and cheap decks are all aggro - and conversely, late-game viable decks are all extremely expensive in terms of dust/gold. I'm not sure if this "problem" is shared by other card games, but it's an interesting aspect of Hearthstone. I've seen people mention that Blizzard should consider introducing more, cheaper viable late game minions and spells so that players could diversify away from aggro decks at the lower price points.

Also, did anyone know that the test season ends in a a few days? Tongue I'm currently rank 8 with a Watcher Druid deck - games are obviously very slow but it's quite a fun playstyle. Not sure if I want to grind the ladder that much more to rank 5 or 6 where I think I'd eventually end up as the season is basically over at this point.
ファブリス Wrote:I'm going to keep a tally of how many good decks I come accross in Casual... wonder if the hidden ranking changes after Casual losses or if it's based solely on the current Rank in ladder.
Casual games definitely affect it - I actually assumed Ranked games wouldn't.
@Vempele : interesting you noticed that. I couldn't see it, but maybe it was that on the odd times I played against a good deck I lost, and so my "mmr" didn't increase. So I only noticed lately when I ranked up a bit with the Warrior.

I'm sitting at just rank 15 but the difference in Casual is very clear: I've now played 10 games in Casual, all of them had rare, epics and legendaries.

It can be a bummer since I have the Dominance quest for Rogue and my Rogue deck isn't good so now I have a hard time doing the quest lol :p Plus, I also didn't want to play Rogue since I was afraid it would lower the matchups in Casual.

This is kinda what I was looking for. It's really great for practicing without stressing over the rank progress. I've had some great games now with my revised Warlock deck. I lost 5 games and won 5. I did only one quick Ranked with the Warrior in case the "mmr" thing would drop. So far so good. Last game was vs a Mur-lock he had all of them. Rogue with Perdition Blade and Ragnaros. Another guy with Ragnaros and Cairn. A Druid with Ancient of War.. they used Ironbeaks to shut down my Blood Knight or other things.. those are clearly more experienced players.

I've added Ironbeak Owl's to my deck and wow.. it does make games more interesting and "technical".

This is my revised Warlock deck.

It works much better for card draw. Early game I often use Hero ability and drop a Squire for diversion Smile The squires are also a great target for Power Overwhelming should I fall behind. Other times P.O. can be used as a finisher. If I didn't get the squires early I can sometimes combo them with the Blood Knight. If the Blood Knight gets silenced or hexed or polymorphed that's usually not too bad as it's not part of my late game, it basically used up the opponent's spell which is good.
Yay, Rank 1. Apparently the key to winning at Hearthstone is to have sick drawing skills: I beat two aggro Warlocks by getting enough Claws/Wraths to keep their board clear on turns 1-3, a Keeper of the Grove on turn 4, Thalnos + Swipe on turn 6 when exactly one of their minions has more than 2 health...

Also dropped a Handlock to 14 on turn 8 and only then drew the Force of Nature I needed for the 9 mana 14 damage combo after he cleared my board. I felt a bit dirty when he said "Well played".