cb's OCR Manga Reader for Android

(2016-01-20, 10:35 pm)cb4960 Wrote: I have just released version 5.1 of OCR Manga Reader.

Download OCR Manga Reader v5.1 via SourceForge

What Changed?

● Updated Tesseract OCR library to version 3.05dev (160105 snapshot). You should notice improved OCR accuracy.


I love this!
I can't change the control settings though. Every time I try to open the controls settings manga reader dies on me.
I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S III mini running 4.1.2.
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Hey, that's app looks great but is there no way to copy the full sentences not just a single word? And send it to ankidroid? Right now you can only break down the sentence but you can't have it in the untouched form. Basically i want to do something similiar to Taurus - create anki flashcards with sentences(to use it in 10000 sentences method). You've answered that it's possible to both "output the text as is and just look up words in the dictionary". But how? The sentences is showing up in the dictionary but you can't copy it. I've even tried to go first into the manually correct OCR errors option and copy the sentence from there, but it's impossible.
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I'm having trouble compiling from source. I think i'm missing about 2 files the author added to leptonica himself. These 2 classes do not exist in tess-two 6.1.1: and 

I'd love to add some features of my own, could you help me out @cb4960? Maybe upload whatever is in "../tess-two"?
First of all this is a great tool, thanks for it!(also works great for scanned light novels!), although I have a problem with the EPWING feature. There are 4 slots but it seems I can only add 1 EPWING slot.  When I select slot 1 and fill it with a supported EPWING dictionary it works fine, but if I continue with slot 2 and select a EPWING dictionary slot for that, slot 2 stays empty, but instead fills slot 1 of the epwing dictionaries(while I selected it for slot 2). I know CB is not active on this ofrum anymore, but anyone else had this problem?
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Great tool!! I wonder why is not updated anymore. In my opinion is the best ocr manga available.