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Hmmmm... Ok, I exported it as plain txt, then imported into libreoffice's version of excel, but all the kanji is just random symbols... I've gone through all the drop down menus and can't seem to find anything to get it to recognise the kanji.

Am I missing a font, or a japanese language support thingy?
ktcgx Wrote:Hmmmm... Ok, I exported it as plain txt, then imported into libreoffice's version of excel, but all the kanji is just random symbols... I've gone through all the drop down menus and can't seem to find anything to get it to recognise the kanji.

Am I missing a font, or a japanese language support thingy?
Common fonts contains Kanji characters and if you see them correctly in Anki then it's not font problem.
Most like you imported text file in wrong encoding (default will be based on your OS setting i guess), it must be imported as Unicode (UTF-8). I can't help you with Libre Office, but in Excel it's on first page of import dialog.
Thank you, I will try again.
It worked! You are awesome!^^
Ok, I have another question...

I have a deck for RTK2 the book, 5th edition. I want to update it to the 6th edition. I am planning to make a new field (I think that's what it's called) to add the RTK2 6th edition frame numbers into.
So my question is this: how can I get anki to sort the deck using the new frame numbers from the 6th edition instead of the ones it uses now?

In the 'Fields' dialog ... the same one where you make your new field... you can select the field that Anki sorts by for the browser view.
Thank you!
I remember there used to be an addon for spreading out your cards if you had a huge build up of them, does this still exist?
Sorry to bump, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? It would really help me out. It was just a plugin that spread out x amount of review cards over however many days.
I used the load balancer for something similar, but I think that one only helps if you are adding/reviewing a bulk of cards. So if you were to review 1000 cards today rather than reviewing 1000 cards tomorrow, it would spread them to 500 tomorrow and 500 for the day after.
The load balancer add-on was originally created to flatten review spikes, where new cards answered with the same ease would end up due on the same day in a predictable batch. That problem doesn't exist anymore since Anki now adds a random "fuzz" to the interval when answered.

Spreading out reviews may not offer you much, and can even be a disadvantage. If you find that there are too many cards to review every day, you need to decrease the number of new cards you add or stop completely. If you are currently not adding any cards, then the default behaviour is theoretically achieving the same thing: you set a maximum number of reviews per day, and that's all you'll get that day. Keep doing that until your backlog is gone.
Thanks guys. The problem is just basically I left anki for awhile due to personal stuff that was going on and it spiked up to about 500. I do set maximum reviews a day, but it does not help. I'll have forgotten most of them on the first time round so they'll show up the next day and it just never seems to go down. I don't have the time or the patience to sit down and do them all either. Hopefully it'll just resolve eventually.
Is there any relatively easy way to "restart" a deck that I'm already working on?

I managed to get some distance into Nukemarine's (nifty!) Core6k deck but I stopped almost 6 months ago. Rather than trying to pick up from where I left, is it possible to tell Anki to start afresh? Or should I just delete the deck altogether and download again?

I'm 800 odd cards into the deck so simply trying to pick it up where I left off would be a near impossible thing.

A million thanks for this wonderful website and forum!
Select all cards in Deck and use "Edit->Reschedule->Place at end of new card queue" from menu. I think this will do what you want (but never tried it so I'm not sure).
EDIT: decided to change study approach, and in turn resolves the issue. Straight up dictation really tests your overall listening and writing ability. This ties in very nicely with the other two core decks.

Regardless, thanks for the solution netsplitter. Will probably use this approach for a different deck down the line. Tried to edit earlier but each time the page redirected to the "HostGator" hosting service... maybe site issues? Hope not.

deadweigh Wrote:Is there any relatively easy way to "restart" a deck that I'm already working on?
The suggestion from bambi73 will work, however it will not fully reset the rescheduling history data. If you want to fully reset your deck, if you have access to the desktop client and a spreadsheet program, I might make the suggestion to export the deck (deselect or refrain from selecting the option to export schedule) to a text file (not an Anki deck package).

Open this text file using your spreadsheet program (make any alterations if desired) and choose to export or save the file as a Text ".csv". When promoted, opt for the "tabbed delimitation" option, as opposed to separating fields with a ";" or "," (they are sometimes the default option). Text delimitation should be fine left as is (usually the default option is via a comma, I think).

What you can do, if you wish, is to now open (if you've closed) Anki and in the browser, select all the cards for the deck you wish to update, and delete them. Close the browser and opt to import from the main menu. Choose the ".csv" file you have saved and import it into the same deck (this saves creating a new deck) and all the fields should match up (unless you are like myself, who like to make large alterations at the drop of a hat) perfectly and your new cards should now be reviewed as though they were brand new.

Choosing to rescheduling them as bambi73 as succinctly explained will reset the reviews however review history data will remain and the ease modifiers related to each previously reviewed card should remain, meaning that each new review isn't truly a new review for the card.

Good luck.
Export without scheduling data, delete, then import. That's the standard advice given to "restart" a deck in its entirety.

uisukii, unless I didn't understand your intent, it doesn't sound like you need a copy of the same deck. Since the underlying notes are exactly the same, you should be creating a new card type and present the fields in a different way. The cards generated won't share scheduling data with the existing cards, and you can move them into their own deck after they are generated (filter by card type, select all, click change deck button).
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I finally upgraded from 1.2.8 to 2.X. I think I have the hang of it for the most part, but most of my problems center around clozes. Two things I just want to confirm:

1. I have to create a new note for clozes, even if it's the same sentence. (I can't just create a new field for the clozed version of the sentence, and spawn a cloze card, right? Because I've had zero luck with that.)

2. I can't get furigana to generate with clozes, unless I want to mess with a plugin for it. (Zero luck with that, too.)

Neither one is a deal-breaker, just mildly annoying.
Just wanted to quickly say a big thank you for the detailed replies.
I've no spreadsheet program on this laptop so I went on Bambi73 whose suggestion appears to have done the trick for me.

Thank you everyone.
Hi, I have yet another ridiculous question T_T

I have quite a few decks on anki/ankidroid. When I tap one, and open up tools to change the number of new cards/ reviews, it changes it for all of my decks, which I don't want in to do... Is there any way to set this so that only the current deck's new cards/ review change?

When you start, all decks share the same "options group", so changing the settings of the options group affects all decks. You need to create a new group and tell your deck to use it. See the docs. On AnkiDroid, you will have to get the latest beta to be able to create a new group.
Ok, thank you!
Has anyone made an anki deck with the Japanese words on iphone operating system?
I've come to discover that the Anki deck that I've been using to study RtK1 is junk - too many errors, etc. Which decks do people like the best? I don't need one that is very complex - no audio files or sample sentences or anything - just one that has the kanji drawn properly would suffice. Thanks.

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The one called 'Heisigs Remember the Kanji (RTK) 13' should suffice, just stop adding new cards once you surpass yourself in RTK or once you finish but there are still cares left (those are from vol. 3)
tashippy Wrote:'Heisigs Remember the Kanji (RTK) 13'
That's the one I have. It has links to this sites stories, so it integrates well.

Of course, if you don't use Anki for other decks you can also just use this site's SRS.

As for properly drawn kanji, that's a font issue.
I use this stroke order kanji font for the back side of any writing practice cards,
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