多読 Tadoku Reading Challenge

It was a lot closer than I was expecting! you gave me a lovely run for the win, i was expecting you to pass me with a final sprint :p

It's so amazing how tadoku still motivates me better than any IRL goals, even after all these years... I picked up books that I'd been putting off for months! I really should try to become a tadoku regular again.

I'm not taking the JLPT, but best of luck with it!
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I clocked in at just over 2000 pages in the end, which I'm happy with since I knew going in that I had a couple of week-long work conferences to go to and I wasn't going to be reading as much as in some of the previous rounds. I read about half a dozen books this month. Looking at my graph of books read over the year, there are definite peaks in tadoku months, so I reckon without it I'd be much less close to my goal of 50 books this year. (As it is I just need to finish the last 20 pages of my current book and then one more to reach 50.)

It was really down to the last minutes of the contest! I read like a fiend for the last hour or so and put in my final points minutes before it closed, but it wasn't quite enough.
I even had the advantage of knowing you were locked in; whether you're in Romania or Japan, the contest ends earlier for you than it does for me.

Tadoku is definitely a huge motivator for me. I haven't been monitoring my reading outside of Tadoku, but during this year's contests, I've read 6460 pages total, which I estimate to be around 16 to 21 books (depending on whether a book is 300 or 400 pages).
I definitely haven't read that much outside of the contests.

As a side note, I've read 2.8 times as much in this year's contests as I did last year's.
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The official results for October round are now up:

Thanks again to pm215 for semi-automating the results for me. I've done it manually as usual this time to compare the results and it seems to work perfectly. Next time I'll be able to post the results sooner after the contest ends even when I'm as terribly busy and overworked as I have been this week. Hope to see everyone again in January!
Reminder that the next tadoku round starts on the 1st January, which is only 10 days away now. Website seems to be down right now but the twitter bot is accepting registrations by tweet.
Hi. Is there a way to change one's registration? I accidentally left off Japanese on my registration, and I can not seem to work out how to add it. I may just have to make a new Twitter account and re-register, but I would prefer to use the same one I have been using.

Thanks so much.
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^ If you're only doing Japanese then you don't have to specify the language. If you're doing more than one language though, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try redoing the registration tweet?

Website has been giving 404 for at least a week, according to IsWebsiteDownNow. Does anyone know what's up?

Bot is being a bit slow, but I'll give it an hour before declaring it dead (or claiming it hates me and won't take my tweet).
I started getting warnings from KawaJapa's broken link fixer well over a week ago (I seem to have deleted the earlier notifications so I can't say exactly when).

I've checked it from time to time and never found it up though Cure Yasashiku says she found it up earlier today, which could be a good sign perhaps. It's definitely dead again now though.

I haven't deleted links from KawaJapa on the assumption that it would be back online fairly soon, but no sign of it up to now. That's all I know at present.
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Yes, that is how I got into trouble. I was planning doing Japanese, Swedish, and Latin this time around, and I typed just #reg without specifying for the first language...because I thought that was what you were supposed to do for Japanese. Then when I looked I was only signed up for Swedish and Latin. I tried to re-register, and it told me I had already registered.

Sigh. I see that the site is down again now. I hope that we do have the contest this time around.
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Minasama, it's up!

We shall go to the ball!

Hmm it's acting odd but probably only for me. It has me signed in as CureDolly which is [i]not[i/] my Twitter any more. I have no icon and my history is gone. I can't re-sign in as my twitter account is the one that used to be CureDolly and it has decided that that account - is and isn't signed in I think. There seems no way to de-register so there we are.

I'd be grateful for a fix if anyone knows one.

Not the end of the world. But not the beginning of the world either.

Somewhere in the middle of the world I guess.

Have a good contest, minasama.
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It never took my tweet (I even sent another one), but I realized that if I just tabbed over to the goal box instead of clicking it, I could enter my goal without crashing my browser, so that's good.
In for 2000 this time, though I want to try to break 3000. Why not just put in 3000? I forgot.

@CureDolly @yasashiku
Sorry, I have no idea how to help y'all. I hate to say "use another Twitter account", but that might be a last resort option if no one else knows anything.
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@sholum Thank you. Yes, I did end up opening a new Twitter account and registering with that one. It also turned out that Latin did not really take in the registration with either account, which is probably just as well. My Latin is not far enough along to do more than record a few sentences here or there.  So, Japanese and Swedish it is!

I was a little sad about starting over and losing my progress from previous contests, but it appears that in the All Time ranking that all of my progress was erased, and I was back at zero anyways.

I read that there is a different schedule this year, so maybe that is why the glitches happened. any case...I am glad that things are back up and running, and I look forward to competing again!

Ganbarimashou ne, minasama!

Faito! Faito!
I think I'll stick with the half-way account thing I have. Since I can't enter a goal I'll do it here so it is "on paper" as it were. Well not paper. Paper just gets lost and forgotten. That's why I am putting it here:


A big goal for me - I usually do a bit over 1,000 but I'm a slow reader in any language and I'd have trouble making 1,500 in English. But I think I need to push myself to read more (and perhaps faster) this time.

I think I got a bit faster toward the end last time. I think it would be funny if my Japanese reading speed outpaces my English reading speed - but the latter is so slow, it is possible perhaps.
Oh yeah, I just noticed that I got bumped back down to Silver tier. I wonder why it didn't go all the way back to bronze...

But yeah, let's do our best again!
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It's been awhile since I've entered one of these, good reading everybody.
(2018-01-01, 1:27 am)sholum Wrote: Oh yeah, I just noticed that I got bumped back down to Silver tier. I wonder why it didn't go all the way back to bronze...

But yeah, let's do our best again!

Ehehe I forgot about bronze. I thought it had wiped me. Yes I am bumped down to silver too. Very odd. It seems to half remember me.


The site has been down again for a couple of days...
Are Tweets still going through like normal?
I tried a tweet a few days ago and it didn't seem to go through. I haven't tried since but keep checking the site and finding it still down.

Does anyone know anything about the situation?
The bot just told me I am not registered for this round. I just came to check if anyone else had got that message and tried to re-register?
Oh! It looks like the site is back up! I was able to get in just fine.
Me too - that's wonderful isn't it!

My registration is intact (apart from the fact that I was bumped down to silver tier by some glitch at the start of this round). The tweet I tried earlier didn't go through but everything seems to be working normally now.
In case it goes down it's best to DM LordSilent on Twitter, he takes action almost immediately when he's notified. This time it was up five minutes after I did so.
Alright, got it. Was getting a bit worried, because it's usually not down for so long (before someone else messages him, I guess).

Looking like I won't meet my goal this time. Had an outstanding humanities credit, so I took a 7 week history class... Needless to say, I'm now reading a textbook on American history like crazy to keep up. It doesn't take up all my time, but it pushes reading Japanese out of the way a bit (only so much stamina available for sitting or lying down).
Starting to wish I took a psych class instead.

At least I've already finished the second volume of 狼と香辛料 and caught up on メイドインアビス.
Results are (finally) up:

Sorry for the delay, wordpress was acting up on me.
(2018-02-04, 11:30 pm)Jackdaw Wrote: Results are (finally) up:

Sorry for the delay, wordpress was acting up on me.


Don't forget, everyone: next half round starts on March 15th! (unless something has changed)