多読 Tadoku Reading Challenge

It was a lot closer than I was expecting! you gave me a lovely run for the win, i was expecting you to pass me with a final sprint :p

It's so amazing how tadoku still motivates me better than any IRL goals, even after all these years... I picked up books that I'd been putting off for months! I really should try to become a tadoku regular again.

I'm not taking the JLPT, but best of luck with it!
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I clocked in at just over 2000 pages in the end, which I'm happy with since I knew going in that I had a couple of week-long work conferences to go to and I wasn't going to be reading as much as in some of the previous rounds. I read about half a dozen books this month. Looking at my graph of books read over the year, there are definite peaks in tadoku months, so I reckon without it I'd be much less close to my goal of 50 books this year. (As it is I just need to finish the last 20 pages of my current book and then one more to reach 50.)

It was really down to the last minutes of the contest! I read like a fiend for the last hour or so and put in my final points minutes before it closed, but it wasn't quite enough.
I even had the advantage of knowing you were locked in; whether you're in Romania or Japan, the contest ends earlier for you than it does for me.

Tadoku is definitely a huge motivator for me. I haven't been monitoring my reading outside of Tadoku, but during this year's contests, I've read 6460 pages total, which I estimate to be around 16 to 21 books (depending on whether a book is 300 or 400 pages).
I definitely haven't read that much outside of the contests.

As a side note, I've read 2.8 times as much in this year's contests as I did last year's.
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The official results for October round are now up:

Thanks again to pm215 for semi-automating the results for me. I've done it manually as usual this time to compare the results and it seems to work perfectly. Next time I'll be able to post the results sooner after the contest ends even when I'm as terribly busy and overworked as I have been this week. Hope to see everyone again in January!