RTK as a Vietnamese

I'm about to start my RTK journey but want to ask if there is any Vietnamese in this forum who has finished the book how he/she did it, as both Vietnamese and Japanese share Chinese similarities (borrowed words and onyomi pronunciation). More specifically, I intend to learn Kanji along with their Hán-Việt pronunciation, is it any good?
Hi kronpas. I'm Vietnamese. I've learned Kanji for 2 months and I just finished the first 800 words in RTK 1 6th. I found that Heisig's method is so damn good. However, many stories are not compatible with Vietnamese learners of Japanese. So, I combine Heisig's method with popular method of Vietnamese learners of Japanese, in which Kanji words are divided in Chinese 214 radicals (of course with our Hán - Việt meaning). I also use etymology from From my experience, the method of Chinese 214 radicals above is boring and do waste of much time to remember how to write a Kanji word. After all, the Heisig's method really works on mine.
Sorry for my bad English.
Hey all,

I am hoping to guide a Vietnamese friend who is studying Japanese. She wants to learn kanji but cannot read English so the RTK site and book are not useful.  Is there a Vietnamese RTK book or site?  Or could you recommend something else that can help a Vietnamese student learn kanji?  Thanks!!