Sources for correct RTK1 and RTK3 keywords

Edit: is now the most accurate source for RTK keywords I know. I have also posted lists of keywords that changed between editions at

Katsuo's RTK 1&3 Edition numbers compared spreadsheet includes keywords for the sixth edition of RTK1 and the third edition of RTK3. There are a few potential errors I have emailed him about, and the column for keywords in older editions doesn't match any specific editions. Three keywords for the sixth edition don't match the preview at Amazon: "tranquillize" should be "tranquilize", "who?" should be "who", and "facsimilie" should be "facsimile".

Other sources for keywords in the sixth edition are and, but both of them have some errors that I have fixed in kanji.txt. has a list of keywords for the third, fourth, and fifth editions of RTK1. Three keywords for the fifth edition don't match the PDF I have: "tranquillize" should be "tranquilize", "sheet of" should be "a sheet of", "explanation" should be "interpretation", and "facsimilie" should be "facsimile". has a list of 12 keywords that changed in the second edition of RTK3. One difference compared to my first edition PDF is that 汎 is "pan-" (not "pan") in the PDF.

Does anyone know other sources for keywords in different editions, or can you find any errors in my lists or Katsuo's spreadsheet?
Edited: 2013-08-08, 8:23 am