RTK 1 6th ed. deck

I made an Anki deck for the 6th edition of Remembering the Kanji 1. It has all the 2200 characters from the book. I used some of the data from a post here on the forums, as well as manual work and custom scripts to generate it.

Each card is tagged with the lesson number it appears in. The cards have five fields: Keyword, index, Kanji, stroke count and story. The stroke counts are based on KanjiVG data.

You can find the deck here, it's currently a work in progress. I will upload it to AnkiWeb if there are no more issues.

Here's the data used to generate the deck: (format: keyword, kanji, index, stroke count, lesson). Instructions to create the deck:

1. create a new deck,
2. create a new model called 'RTK',
3. create the fields: keyword, kanji, index, stroke count, lesson, story
4. import the data file,
5. use this Anki plugin to create the lesson tags: (select all cards, run "Create lesson tags" from the menu),
6. remove the lesson field as it's no longer needed,
7. create the templates, set the field info (index etc should be sorted numerically, prevent duplicates...)
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