japanese videogames with scripts/furigana etc.

I have Linda Cubed but haven't started it, so the script will be nice to have to maybe do some vocabulary prep before playing it. Plus I'm glad to see a script for one of the Devil Summoner games as well. Will have to download those pages in case it goes offline at some point like other sites with scripts have.

Would anyone be up for making some scripts by transcribing video from YouTube or the like? I started one yesterday based on this video of Metal Gear Rising since after finishing that a while back I had the feeling that my understanding was lacking more than I would have liked.

The main thing is, perhaps obviously, the scale of it. Some games might have around 2 hours of story content, and some have upwards of 10 hours. I'm transcribing this by playing it at 2x speed but it's still pretty slow going. I've managed to make it about a third of the way through it so far after a few hours over the past two days. I figure a partial script is better than nothing, but I'm still going to try to finished it off.

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