japanese videogames with scripts/furigana etc.

japanese videogame scripts:

Chrono Trigger [jp/en]**

Chrono Cross [JP] [EN] (PSN: 800円)

Dragon Quest I [jp/en]

Dragon Quest II,III,IV,V [JP]

Final Fantasy Tactics [JP] [EN] (PSN: 1000円)

Final Fantasy I [JP] (PSN: 600円)

Final Fantasy III [jp/en]

Final Fantasy IV [jp/en] [jp/en*]

Final Fantasy V [JP] [EN] [jp/en*] (PSN: 1200円**)

Final Fantasy VI [JP] [EN] [jp/en*] (PSN: 1200円**)

Final Fantasy VII [JP] [EN] (PSN: 1500円)

Final Fantasy VIII [JP] [EN] (PSN: 1500円)

Final Fantasy IX [JP] [EN] (PSN: 1500円)

Final Fantasy X [JP] [EN]

Final Fantasy XII [jp/en]

Final Fantasy XIII [jp/en]

Lufia II [jp/en*]

Mother 3 [JP] [EN]

Persona 3 [JP*] [EN]

Sakura Taisen 2 [en/jp]

Star Ocean 2 [JP]

Suikoden [JP] [EN]

Vagrant Story [JP] [EN] (PSN: 600円)

Valkyrie Profile [JP] [EN]

Xenogears [JP] [EN1][EN2] (PSN: 600円)


Zelda - A Link to the Past [jp/en]

* = incomplete
** = the Playstation/PSN versions of these games have lengthy load times, unlike the SNES/Virtual Console releases on Wii.

notable Furigana games:
Blue Dragon [360]
Dragon Quest IX [DS]
Golden Sun Dark Dawn [DS] (tap on kanji to see furigana)
Inazuma Eleven 1-3 [DS]
Ni no Kuni [DS]
Okami [PS2/Wii]
Professor Layton "Friendly" versions [DS]
Professor Layton - Kiseki no Kamen [3DS]
Super Paper Mario [Wii]
Wild Arms 3/4/5/Alter Code F [PS2]
Zelda - Wind Waker [GC/Wii]
Zelda - Twilight Princess [GC/Wii]
Zelda - Phantom Hourglass [DS] (tap)
Zelda - Spirit Tracks [DS] (tap)
Zelda - Ocarina of Time 3D [3DS]

Pretty sure there's a couple more (niche) DS games with Furigana but most of them arent that great from what I remember. Feel free to share if you know any Big Grin
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