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Hi guys,

I'm taking music lessons and need to buy sheet music
from (an online site that makes sheet music
for many recent j-pop songs).

My problem is that my American credit card doesn't work.
I think the banking system in Japan is different and they
only work with Japanese credit cards.

The other payments options include:

Webmoney (not to be confused with another company of the same name)
NTT Docomo keitai
auかんたん決済 (KDDI)

I'm pretty sure the first 3 are virtual e-money methods that are popular in Japan.
NTT and au are cellphone payment methods.
I'm not sure about the last one (which is from Rakuten, a popular net e-tailer in Japan)

I don't mind signing up for Japanese e-money, but if my credit
card doesn't work, there's no way I'll be able to load any money.

So does anyone have any suggestions for how I
can pay for things at

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