I passed the N1 two years ago and essentially stopped studying, but I got a full-time translator gig last month, so I thought I'd use this to identify what to work on.

Listening     77
Vocabulary  66
Grammar    84
Reading      79
Total         306

I had to step away from the computer and couldn't answer three of the listening questions, which skewed it a bit. Very rusty with vocabulary. I probably got tricked by several of the "look at the underlined word in this sentence; now, which one of the very similar words in these four sentences is a synonym?" questions. Grammar was easy until I got to the end and it hit me with classical structures I don't remember studying at all, and reading was the same - mostly easy-to-skim article summaries until the end, when I was confronted with textual nightmares laden with unreadable place names. 

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