Luckily I never deleted the old report card from the time I last took the test from my download folder, so I was able to compare my scores. I took the test the second time after about 13 months.

Listening 53 > 56 (+3)
Vocabulary 44 > 68 (+24)
Grammar 34 > 57 (+23)
Reading 24 > 54 (+30)
Total 155 > 235 (+80)

The interpretation it gives is pretty accurate I think, I'm 235 so in JLPT lvl 2, and aside from my horrible listening I would've be able to pass that. I was able to get an almost perfect score on the non-listening part of an N3 practice test, and got a passing score on the non-listening part of an N2 practice test (I used the sample tests for the new JLPT from the official site). The listening is still impossible (though I might be able to pass while barely understanding since you only need to get 1/3 of the questions right).

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