Listening 73
As usual, I have problems with listening (to native material) in general. However, this felt surprisingly easy compared to the N1.

Vocabulary 72
I thought it was easy and breezed through it for the most part. I guess it wasn't as easy as I thought. There's also that 30s time limit, which sometimes makes me feel very nervous.

Grammar 70
I thought this was easier than N1 to be honest (it helps that there isn't that "re-arrange the 4 words" problem present in N1), but I'm already starting to forget a few patterns that I learned...

Reading 80
Ha! Well, confirms again that my reading >> all other abilities >___>. Clearly need to switch to improve other skills for balance. I felt that the reading was harder than N1, particularly some passages talking about archaic stuff and using hard-to-read kanji proper nouns (which I promptly skipped over). I have no problem reading most modern Japanese work although I regularly encounter unknown words (so I can't really say I understand *everything*)

Total 295
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