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sokino Wrote:Yeah, Tobberoth, pretty much.

Nestor - I think that may take some time to grow on me too.

Also, vgambit, tell me if you like this:

Name Tag - Coma-Chi

From what I understand (by browsing Japanese blogs and such) this song is considered a "classic" of the new generation (2000's).

I think she did a more poppy remix of it.
I don't know, it didn't take that long to grow on me. ;p

I understand that everyone's picky, though--personally I've acquired and discarded like a thousand Japanese rap/hip hop albums* while retaining only a relative handful of songs from them**, mostly stuff where I can ignore the music in favour of the vocals (because they're dominant in the song structure or integrated so that the background disappears), because for me, as I generally don't listen to music with vocals unless I consider it linguistically useful (see my 'time hacks' thread) or incredibly 'elite', I just can't stomach the mediocre compositions in comparison to work where the composition is everything. I'm too polite to trash most of the music in this thread, though. ^_^

*Ratio is about the same regardless of the genre/language, for the record.
**Except Rappagariya, I like pretty much all of their music.

I think there's a full version of the second track in the sampler I linked above in this video, but I can't log into Nico for some reason, so I haven't checked:

Edit: Didn't have to log in for this link:
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