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It's a link to a Youtube playlist of dope Japanese hip-hop that I've found. For some reason, I thought all there was to J-Rap was pop stuff like m-flo or Rip Slyme. I forgot all about the Japan-only mixtape Pete Rock made. I forgot all about Samurai Champloo.

There is some real dope shit to be found, if you search hard enough (soulseek, youtube, and nicovideo makes it easy enough).

The only difficulty right now for me is finding names of dope Japanese rappers. First, I searched for hiphop on the Japanese P2P program Perfect Dark. I listened to a bunch of the albums that the search returned, and was disappointed until I stumbled upon an album released in 1995 called 5th WHEEL 2 the COACH, by Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー). To my surprise, they rapped over awesome beats, and sounded a lot like De La Soul. Turns out they were the rappers featured on the De La Soul album Buhloone Mindstate, on the track Long Island Wildin. I also loved the album My Space, by SLACK.

Since then, I've been going by the rule of degrees: if someone has rapped with someone else that I already like, chances are I'll like them too. My iPod playlist is about 90 songs strong, running about 6 hours. This means that I'll listen to every song on the playlist three or more times a day, which I'm sure will get old pretty quickly (I've already started removing songs from the playlist).

Anyway, for a song to be added to any of my playlists, it has to be dope (beat + flow), and it has to be Japanese. I was pretty disappointed when I heard the Japanese version of Pearl Harbor by Shing02, as the mix was almost unbearable; even more so after hearing the vastly improved mix on the English version. As a result, none of them made the playlist.

Here's the list of artists. I highly suggest you go download (or buy, if you can afford it) their discographies. I'll also list any of their albums, if I have them.

Shing02 - Waikyoku
King Giddra (キングギドラ) - Sora Kara no Chikara (空からの力), Kage EP (影)
Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー) - 5th WHEEL 2 the COACH, Poten Hit Singles Collection (ポテン・ヒッツ〜シングル・コレクション), Gousen no Album (偶然のアルバム), Fun-Key LP, Toushiba Classics 95-97, Cycle Hits ~remix Best Collection~
Buddha Brand - Best of the Best CD 1, Don't Test Da Master
Nomak - Fantastical View (only 1 track from this is Japanese; the rest are English)
Shingo Suzuki - The Abstract Truth (I only liked the track Shayo, but your mileage may vary)
WISE - Taiyou no Kodomo (I only liked the first track, and even that one is starting to sound too pop for me. Lasts about a minute before it goes full-English)
Lamp Eye - Shougen

Shing02 - Limited Express Mix by DJ Ice Water
Various - Japanese Hip-Hop Mega-Mix Vol. 1 - The Early Days - Middle School (Probably the sickest collection you can find.)

For me, hip-hop music is probably the best way to enjoy the language given my current skill level. Please recommend any artists or albums not found on this list, but only if they're in the vain of '90s and/or underground hip-hop. This thread is not for Teriyaki Boyz, Rip Slyme, m-flo, or anyone else who makes music for "hip-hop and r&b" stations. This is for the underground heads. A quick forum search revealed a few more like myself, so make yourselves known and share information on dope hip-hop.
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