The KanKen Chronicles

deedo Wrote:Hello there,

nice to meet a kanken addict like me.

To tell you a bit about me, I did the real kanken exam in Paris last sunday. It was 7級. It was a lot of fun. I was the only White guy in the building. All the other were kids and their parents.

I'm pretty sure, i passed since I never had any trouble with kanken DS at that level.

6級 is way way more difficult. There're two parts that give me a headache. In the first one, you need to know all the keys that make the kanjis by NAME (there're 214 of them !!)
The second one, I need to read the instruction because i didn't even get what i was about lol.

5級 : you need to know the 4 kanji sentences !!!

Don't even want to think about the 4級...
I hope you passed! You have to tell us the results when they come in.

I'm definitely willing to bet that 6級 is a lot harder than 7級 XD.

Interesting to know about that section on 6級. That's going to be a real pain. Anki will HAVE to be used there. Mostly I find though, each level only tests you're knowledge of about 200 kanji because they're assuming you've completed all the previous levels in which they tested you on all the other kanji you should know by now. So in that respect although 7級 has 640, it only tests you for working knowledge on the 200 new ones being introduced. Which makes me think that, that radicals section on 6 will only be testing those new 200 kanji? Would I be right in saying that?

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