Help with "Japanese Example Sentences" in anki

Add on in question:

I know I shouldn't really be posting anki questions but this is driving me crazy.  I downloaded this add on, followed the instructions to set up the note-type/fields, but I can't figure out how to actually use the thing.  

I downloaded the file " "  but it's just hanging out on my desktop not connected to the add-on in any way that I can figure out.  I have no idea if they're supposed to be linked somehow or not.  

Someone in the comments said this, but I don't even know where this folder is on a Mac:

1. Download examples.utf.gz from either

2. Extract the gzip archive, rename the examples.utf file to japanese_examples.utf

3. Move it into your Anki's addons folder, overwriting the old file in it

4. Delete the old japanese_examples.pickle from the same folder. It will be recreated next time Anki starts (takes a few seconds).

Very grateful for any help.  Really frustrated at the moment -_-

Edit: Solved

I had been messing with this for several hours when I posted and figured it our right after I made this thread.  I apologize.  But if any one else has this problem here's the solution:

Don't make a new field called "Expression".  Change your "Kanjified Vocab" or whatever field to "Expression" so that the add on pulls from what you already have.  The new "Examples" field should be left blank and will be filled automatically.

It seems obvious in hindsight.

Edit: New question (sorry!)

Does anyone know a way to reduce example sentences to 1 sentence only, and also separate the English translation?

I'd like to be able to have a sentence like :  "彼は逃げようと必死だった"。on the front

and then have "ひっし, He was desperate to escape".  on the back.  

Right now I have a kanjified- vocab recognition on the front, and kana + about 15 example sentences on the back.  

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