Help programming with EPWING files

(2017-04-18, 3:48 pm)kudokupo Wrote:
(2017-04-18, 9:17 am)karageko Wrote: I would recommend using the JSON output of yomichan-import instead of zero-epwing; you should be able to get the word/reading/definition information much more easily that way; otherwise you're going to have to write regexes as cophnia61 has mentioned.

How do I get the JSON output?

EDIT: I see yomichan-import can be run on command line but I try "yomichan-import --help" and nothing happens. That seems to keep happening...don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

EDIT2: Ok it's actually working and I got the JSON files. Not sure why the help wouldn't display, but no matter. Thanks for the help.

I'm the author of both yomichan-import and zero-epwing. Basically if you want to just get raw output of EPWING dictionaries without any post-processing you would use zero-epwing. If you want to get actual usable data, you would use yomichan-import.

It's odd that you were not getting any command line help when you ran yomichan-import. Are you perhaps a Windows user? Windows is always a pain in the ass because it works differently from everything else out there; when building a UI application you have to link with a special flag to disable console output (otherwise you get the console popping up in the background). All the command line arguments should still work though -- you can check out the Yomichan Import homepage for details.

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