Japanese language school in Tokyo + being your own supporter/sponsor?

Hi everyone,

Questions regarding to Japanese Language schools seem to pop up here once in a while and after checking out the existing topics about the subject I´d still like to try my luck and ask your advice and opinions. : )

Me and my boyfriend would like to apply for a language school in Tokyo for 12 months (one school recommended us to apply for a 12 month Visa just in case even if we decided to study shorter time to save time and effort with the Visa extension application). It seems like there is always someone who had an bad experience of a school that others highly recommend so it has been difficult for us to choose between the different schools. Right now ISI and KAI are our top 2 options but we still have trouble while trying to choose between these two... If you happen to have something good or bad to say about these schools please feel free to, I´d love to hear about your experience! Other language school recommendations in Tokyo are also welcome. 

My other questions is about the sponsor/supporter that you need for the Visa application process. One school told me that to be your own sponsor while applying for one year student Visa you´d need bank balance of about 2,000,000 yen. I wonder if this is really the total balance needed including the price of the studies? At the moment both me and my boyfriend would likely be our own sponsors as we should have enough savings. However we started to wonder if being your own sponsor/supporter could be seen more risky when applying for Visa. In some example Visa application form I saw they had written that it would be good for you to name someone from your family as your supporter. Does anyone have experience about applying for a Visa for a language school while paying your own studies and not naming a supporter from your family? Can being your own sponsor make the process more complicated? How did you have to prove that you bank balance is enough: do you need to provide a document that states how much the balance of your bank balance is exactly? Unfortunately I had trouble while trying to find more specific information about the subject.

Sorry for the long message!

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