Best way to learn vocabulary?

Repetition is very important because of how our memories work. But I feel how much attention you pay to new words can play a huge role.

I mentioned a while ago that I can only recall some words when I see them. For example, I know what 潜水艦 means (submarine), but I couldn't remember the pronunciation without seeing it. That's the kind of word I wouldn't be able to use in a conversation. In this case, it would be extremely helpful if I made an effort to remember what the word sounds like rather than figuring out the pronunciation based on the kanji when I see it. Whether or not I want to be able to use that word in conversation, my listening and reading comprehension would benefit from this.

There's also the chance you know exactly what a word sounds like, but can't always recall it when you see it. For instance, I know the word 駆逐 without reading it, but it's not the easiest one to read because I'm not used to the second kanji. Here, I think it pays off to take a closer look at the kanji. This is especially useful when there are 2 words with kanji that look similar and your brain tends to overlook these smaller differences and misread them.

There are also words that sound similar and you end up recalling the meaning of the other one. I've noticed that happens to me with 基板 (きばん) and 地盤 (じばん).

The ideal thing is when you hear the word and the meaning is clear to you, and when you read it, it's also obvious. Stuff like 大丈夫, 犬, 俺, お母さん, etc. What I'm trying to say is that if you want more quality, it's a good idea to work on the relationship between sound-meaning or reading-kanji.

I find less common words particularly frustrating because I usually just add them to anki without much of an effort to establish the link between sound and meaning before... so I don't feel that confident in my ability to understand these words when I watch anime. So yeah, that's a quality problem imo. I wish all words were as easy as 大丈夫, which I picked up without any effort before I even decided to study Japanese. So I think making a deliberate effort to work on these 2 aspects first (reading-kanji and especially sound-meaning) can make Anki a more efficient review tool.

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