Kanji lookup tool I've been experimenting with.

Updated the download link because I broke connectivity with the old git and had to start a new one. Whoops.

Anyway, some updates:

  • Began cleaning up the code. Ideally this should help if I ever want to do something more robust for Linux/Mac.
  • Uses standard JMDict files now instead of re-encoded UTF-8 ones.
  • Altered behavior for how global hotkey/taskbar minimization work on Windows.
  • Definition box resizes depending on whether you're searching for words or kanji.
  • If you enter a word and there's an exact match, it gets moved up to the start of the list. (Before this, searching on さっき for instance would return そ及 as the first result, as it has さっきゅう listed as a pronunciation).
Also uploaded the manual. It's... not great and a little out of date, but it's better than nothing?

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