how to do some reading and listening practice

I'm at a level where I can read some words in kanji(my retention of core 2000 is around 90% and increasing) but I find that except podcasts from japanesePod101 and core sentences I can't read or understand much. I see that my vocabulary is still lacking (a lot) and the transition to manga or anime to practice listening is difficult. I tried to read the latest one piece chapter in japanese and I understood really little. It didn't strike me as really difficult but it's true that as a language learner just the lack of vocabulary and the slow speed in reading katakana make my progress painfully slow.
Also I should try to use sub2srs to break an anime in manageable units, but that seems less time efficient than core sentences if my vocabulary base isn't so good. Maybe after going through core 6000 I should be able to do the transition more easily. I just want to avoid to waste a lot of time because I'm trying to do stuff that is more difficult that I can manage but at the same time I know that if I don't leave my confort zone my improvements won't be really good.
So is core + grammar enough at this point? or should I try to make the most of my listening by really learning all the unknown vocabulary i hear in anime, like by making cards for the whole first season of mirai nikki and trying to learn all the vocabulary there?

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