I've decided to study for the jlpt

My experience was is the Do(BIA)G have good in-depth explanations of the most complicated grammar points, but as SomeCallMeChris says, a lot of what the JPLT (and prep books and web sites) think of as grammar is (a) closer to vocab than grammar in some ways and (b) doesn't appear in the Do*G books. You can fill in the gaps with either: just looking things up on the internet (places like have more or less the same level of detail you get from prep books); buying a grammar prep book like the Kanzen Master series (which will also give you practice problems to do); or getting something like 日本語文型辞典 which is a grammar reference that takes the lots-of-points-but-less-detail approach.

To echo everybody else, having a reading speed that lets you get through the reading section in the time allowed is critical. Doing past papers under timed conditions really helps for judging how fast you need to go and to get familiar with the format (and also working out what your weak spots are).

There are some JLPT threads on the forum so a check through the archives should also bring up other useful advice, suggestions on where to get those past papers, etc.

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