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(I feel kinda bad that we've hijacked this thread, so just one last post on this tangent.) I went through RTK as an intermediate student largely because I wanted to be able to actually write the kanji without a huge memorization and repetition burden. (IMHO if all you care about is being able to read them then almost any approach will work and RTK is way overkill, and in any case you'd be better off memorizing kanji->keyword or meaning, not keyword->kanji). Anyway, it worked in terms of being able to write them from keywords, but if I can't go from kanji to keyword then I can't do 'entire word -> kanji' and being able to write a kanji from its keyword is a useless party trick. (I have a currently-on-hold project to go through RTK again with Japanese prompts, which I got up to frame 600 or so on. That might or might not work better.)

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