Japanese Language Study Log: Avatarmeem

Hello everyone,
Thank you for this amazing site, its a great aid for my road to the Japanese language.

I have officially started learning Japanese around 26th-27th of Feb 2017,  23-24 of Feb 2017.

writing this log sure will help me tracking my learning and understanding what I am facing, and keep clear idea about  my future plans... hopefully also will keep me committed.
My long term goal is to have a good Japanese to read almost everything.

I have learned Hiragana 100%  (I have learned that before )
Katakana: Man, I hate katakana but yea 80%

My plan:
is to finish Remembering The Kanji 1 as soon as I can by memorising 25 Kanji per day..
it was easy at the beginning but it gets bit overwhelming the more I learn.. im just not used to this xD
Reviewing is the key though!

Now im at 275 Kanji! 
and I decided today to add some vocabulary, 10 words a day.. 
I also listen to Japanesepod101 almost everyday for 30-50 mins when I walk outside ( but I didnt get the chance to walk the past two days Sad  )

Hopefully, when I finish RTK1, with a good small base of vocabulary I will start with the grammar books. ( Genki I )
when I get the basic grammar, I WANT TO read a lot of readings.. children stories, folk tales.. etc
In my experience reading stories and passages are the key, as one can find vocabulary in context , see grammar in action and have better experience in understanding the nature of the language.
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