Japanese Language Study Log: Avatarmeem

Hello everyone,
Thank you for this amazing site, its a great aid for my road to the Japanese language.

I have officially started learning Japanese around 26th-27th of Feb 2017,  23-24 of Feb 2017.
I always wanted to learn Japanese but the sparks that made me finally commit to learn Japanese is when I found my all time favorite JRPgame has released only in Japanese PSN store.. 

writing this log sure will help me tracking my learning and understanding what I am facing, and keep clear idea about  my future plans... hopefully also will keep me committed. My goal is to be able to read and write Japanese, aiming to play any video games I want, read novels and watch variety shows.

I have learned Hiragana 100%  (I have learned that before )
Katakana: Man, I hate katakana but yea 80%

My plan:
is to finish Remembering The Kanji 1 as soon as I can by memorising 25 Kanji per day..
it was easy at the beginning but it gets bit overwhelming the more I learn.. im just not used to this xD
Reviewing is the key though!

Now im at 275 Kanji! 
and I decided today to add some vocabulary, 10 words a day.. 
I also listen to Japanesepod101 almost everyday for 30-50 mins when I walk outside ( but I didnt get the chance to walk the past two days Sad  )

Hopefully, when I finish RTK1, with a good small base of vocabulary I will start with the grammar books. ( Genki I )
when I get the basic grammar, I WANT TO read a lot of readings.. children stories, folk tales.. etc
In my experience reading stories and passages are the key, as one can find vocabulary in context , see grammar in action and have better experience in understanding the nature of the language.

Idea Note to the future me: Learning a language has no a final destination, its an ongoing journey. You have started learning Japanese in your busiest day.. dont lets there hours and hard work go in waste, Keep on going nothing is hard .
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