Does anyone know how to watch japanese live TV ?

(2017-03-09, 3:26 am)ysfanne Wrote:
(2017-02-27, 4:01 am)theadamie Wrote: Yes.  Go on aliexpress and get an IPTV package for Japanese.  There's a ton of them.  You'll need a decent android box to run them.  Fire Tv is probably good enough, but I can personally vouch for the Nvidia shield since that's what I use.  

I bought a subscription to WorldTV.  I can watch anything that's been on in the last week, and I have around 50HD Japanese channels.

This is illegal if you're in Japan, and the legality is sort of a grey area if you're outside of Japan.

Also, if you find a way to get Japanese subtitles let me know.  That's something I've never been able to find.


And,Do you know the iSakura IPTV? How about this?
Sorry, I've only used the ihome and world tv so far.  Both of those were good but ihome was an actual box, while worldtv was a .APK

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