Finished Heisig and core 2000 and now?

(2017-03-06, 7:49 pm)Nukemarine Wrote: Akira, instead of the subbed/unsubbed method, why not try to comprehend 20 minutes of Anime. Here's a Memrise course of a Japanese drama, but it can be applied to Anime. Biggest point as you see is creating a vocabulary list that's trimmed of words is basics (no 2k words), and learning in 4 minute chunks. It test is simply "Hear sentence in Japanese" then "Find subtitle in Japanese". The idea is doing this sentence by sentence lets you build comprehension of the episode as a whole. You then can watch it a few more times at spaced intervals (in 1 week, then after 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, etc). Bonus if it has a manga equivalent then reread those as well.

You'll find after a couple of hours of material, your listening and reading ability get better and better.
Thanks for the advice! Howeve I find that there's still a huge gap between my vocabulary and the one in anime/dramas. This seems to be a good way but right now it's a lot more time consuming than grammar and core sentences. Anyway, I made a separate thread about difficulties with reading and listening.

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