Finished Heisig and core 2000 and now?

I need ideas for my action plan for my future studies:
-yesterday I downloaded core 2k/6k/10k further optimized and I'm experimenting with template;
-I have an active subscription to japanesepod101 and I need to learn how to use it;
-I ordered a grammar book in my native language (italian);
-I ordered "a dictionary of basic japanese grammar"

I still have to learn how to use subs2srs and I need a website where I can found the raws(at least the latest releases) of the manga I follow.

I still don't know how to organize myself. My time has to be divided between
-Hesig reviews (still 30 a day, it will become more manageable);
-Core 2000 reviews (and many sentences have to be demoted because I know the words but I haven't yet learned the kanji);
New sentences from core 6k/10k;
-Sentences I mined (they always get the priority over core since they have an actual context);
-Listening: anime/japanesePod101/songs (right now by listening to subbed anime I recognise some words and I might try to add some flashcard with subs2srs without breaking whole episode into chunks because it would turn an enjoyment in a chore);
-some native material;

I refer in particular to the more experience learners, how do you organize your time to do this. Consider that I can't commit a lot of time to  japanese because I'm studying engineering and learning programming at the same time so many times I have to choose. I always find time for reviews and to add some card though.

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