Japanese Language Study Log: tanaquil

Ugh, my reporting lately has been the worst!

Work is awful, will probably be continuing to kick my butt for another month or so. Hanging on to minimal anki reviews is all I can do for now; if I manage to get in some novel reading in the evenings, that's a bonus.

In that vein, reporting now for the first time in a month...

Kanji: 2271 (+28)
Vocab: 11379 (+324; yep, still hanging out in the 11k range, looks like I'll be here for another two months)

Listening: trying to listen to NHK news in the car whenever I commute. Still don't understand much, but it's something.

Reading: I just finished the second story in Fujimi novel *Violin of Gold, Violin of Wood* last night, which puts me... I'll count the pages later. About two novels (maybe 500 pages) ahead of where I was a month ago? I still have to read the extra story in this volume before I can go on to the next one. Not much, but still, that puts me well ahead of where I was when I stopped reading the series in 2010 or so, so, go me. Only 30+ more novels to go.

BTW anki reviews are still too high at 70-90 mins per day (and that's just in-app review time, I think actual review time is longer), but it's down from almost two hours a month ago, so that's good. I'd like to get it down below 60 mins a day for maintenance. Right now it's definitely taking too much time and energy.
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