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I've really been enjoying the various "what I'm studying" threads and journals, so I thought I'd have a go at creating my own. I don't want to get sucked into writing a novel, so it will probably be just small observations at first. Questions and comments always welcome.

I've been studying Japanese since the fall of 2003 (!). I reached girigiri N1 level in 2009/2010, squeaking through with a pass on 1kyuu right before the old test was phased out, but have struggled to make progress since then. Sometimes I study intensely and burn out, sometimes I read like crazy for a few months (mostly manga) while ignoring my flashcards, sometimes I go months without touching Japanese hardly at all because I'm engrossed in another hobby. I would like to find a way to create more measurable, ongoing progress, hence this journal.

I teach and the semester is about to start, always a dangerous time for my Japanese studies. I hope to keep a good routine going through the spring.

Current goals: maintaining my anki reviews now that I've finally cleared the worst of my backlog; adding new material to anki in a way that I can measure continuous progress, but not adding so much that I burn out; consuming much more native material, increasing consumption of novels, news and anime/dramas without subtitles.

The last week has been dominated by my finding and experimenting with study tools through this forum that I've never used before: JTAT, Epwing2Anki, Epwing dictionaries, MorphMan, AwesomeTTT. I know very well from experience that this is a potential trap; I love geeky tools and it is all too easy for me to spend 8 hours on a spreadsheet and 0 hours reading a novel. However, I'm also finding many of these tools useful to point in new directions. 

For a very small example, the fact that MorphMan now displays a small counter in my Anki decks window showing the number of "known" morphemes is a great motivator to keep trying to increase that number. (Current number: K 12632. Ooh, it went up 2 since this morning.)

I hope to keep updating this thread once a week or so, more often if I actually have things to say, but once a week to record what (if anything) I've been doing. It is Sunday, January 15. Novel reading: I have just started (re) reading the second half of the second Fujimi novel. Wish me luck!

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