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(2017-10-22, 8:12 pm)tokyostyle Wrote:
(2017-10-22, 3:36 pm)sholum Wrote: I think the fourth one is just a mark, rather than a character, though there is one word that can be written similarly as a shorthand, but I can't remember what it is...

締め can be written as 〆. If you rotate the image it certainly seems likely that's what it is.

Thanks! I didn't know about that symbol, TIL the word Ryakuji 「略字」 (though I knew some of them already).

One small note: the image looks like (actually, if I'm looking at it correctly, inverted -I mean like in a specular image, not just rotated-) instead of 〆 (but they both mean the same anyway).

Japanese wikipedia for 〆, 乄

English wiktionary for 〆
Unicode "Ideographic Closing Mark"

English wiktionary for 乄
Unicode "Ideographic SHIME"

(2017-10-22, 3:36 pm)sholum Wrote: 籵 from the sight was used for decameters. EDIT: that's ten ('deca') meters, not me failing to spell decimeters (a tenth of a meter).

I'd say it looks more like 粁, kilometer.
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