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General: I finally made a move toward the end of this week to break from reading US news and politics (most of which is pure infotainment anyhow), and am using my list of reading resources (see last update) as reading material when I get bored. It's been a struggle, but it really helps me make the most of the space I have during the day. 

Vocab: I've been mainlining 20 new words/day. It's getting intense, but not unmanageable. And I feel like I'm making real progress taking my vocab up to the next level. 

Anki stats: 

[Image: thumb?viewBox=1399]

Reading: Started tracking reading in a spreadsheet this week. Tadoku wrapped up, but I'm finding I love the accountability that comes with tracking. Still have Saturday to get some reading in, but will likely come in around 200 pages for the week. A little shy of where I want to be (I want to read around 250 pages/week), but I'll make up for it week after next when I travel. 

I'm still only about 27% or so through 百夜行. However, given that it's 840+ pages, that's like reading one whole normal Higashino Keigo novel. It's very good so far - a complex story spanning multiple years of the characters' lifetimes. I can't wait to see what it builds into.

Listening: Digging into J-subtitled drama a lot more recently, mainly courtesy of Zhuixinfan. I'm re-watching 相棒 S15 with J-subs, and am also working on 地味にすごい! and 東京タラレバ娘. I'm getting anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes of NHK News every day on the commute into work as well. I *really* want to bump my listening up a level before I take JLPT1 in July in Tokyo.

One goal I haven't met yet: Taking one morning a week to work on ドリルとドリル 聴解 exercises. Will see what headway I make this week.

Writing: I've been primarily posting to my Facebook page, along with an Ameblo post or two. I wrote about half a page more of my short story, but don't like the dark direction I was going, so I'm trying to think of something lighter-hearted and whimsical.

I'm finding that I'm de-emphasizing writing right now, as there are still huge areas in my input I want to work on. Listening and reading are more the priority until I feel like I've "bumped up" to the next level of fluency. (Don't ask me to define that; it's like porn - I'll know it when I see it.)

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