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Hoping to keep this thread updated once every week or two weeks with current progress, study materials, alteration in methods, etc. Feel free to start your own!

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How I Started 

I've been interested in Japanese since I was in middle school and saw my first undubbed anime (it was 科学忍者隊ガッチャマン). I didn't do much with this passion until a mid-life crisis moment in 2012 when I realized I was playing too much Halo and needed some sort of larger purpose. I decided to re-invest my efforts into studying Japanese...which brought me to this forum and its abundance of resources.

I believe in the comprehensible input hypothesis. So I started out with some beginner and intermediate textbooks, found simple texts that I was motivated to read (mainly 昔話), and used those to start creating my own vocab decks. At the same time, I used RtK near the beginning to develop stories and make the kanji stick in my head better. Once I developed more of a foundation in the language, I kept using the same strategy: pick up something from native language, study the vocab and grammar in it, and bring it to the point where it became "comprehensible".

Where I'm At

Using this approach, I passed JLPT N2 in December 2014, and am now at the level where I can read light novels and a good number of adult novels without too much difficulty. I watch shows like 相棒 and 結婚できない男, and can always follow the story. I read at least three news articles each day, including 天声人語 and the occasional 社説.


My goal is to be able to write fiction and nonfiction in Japanese. Pretty lofty, and it will likely consume the rest of my lifespan reaching it. I've made peace with this decision. At least I have something to do that keeps me busy and off the streets.

Currently (03/06/2017), my goals are:
  • Reading: 200 pages/week. 
  • Listening: 6 hours/week. 
  • Writing: 1,000 characters/week, split between Facebook and offline writing. 
  • Grammar: One Advanced topic from each week. 
Life goals that I strive to complete in order to support my Japanese goals: 
  • Diet: Eat healthy (salads, lean meat, few bread-y carbs) 
  • Exercise: At least meet my Fitbit goals (10k steps/day, 13 flights of stairs); also aim to make it to the gym twice/week. 
  • Coffee: Cut down to two cups/daily. 
  • Meditation: At least five minutes/day, either sitting or while walking.

Updates on methods, progress, etc. to follow...
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