My little 2017 lower intermediate thread

A big reason I made progress with Japanese last year was I created a thread here to mark my progress, and a bunch of friendly people joined to support me and mark their own progress.

That thread was focused around the N3 exam, which I wound up not taking.

I thought to create another thread this year. Things change, and I'd like to sort of let go of a bunch of the things that were part of that thread, and start with a blank slate this year.

So if you're interested, feel free to join.

For me, the big 2017 goal will be a trip I'm planning to take to Japan at the end of the year. It will be for a conference, where I'm planning to give a talk. The talk will most likely be in Japanese.

I gave a talk in December 2014 at the same conference, and it was a lot of work but also very rewarding. (That talk was in Japanese). I'm hoping that the talk this year goes well, winds up being less stressful, and that I can "do more" in Japan this trip than in my 2014 trip. But "do more" I mostly mean have more interesting conversations with more people, understand more menus and the like. For reference, I did JET in the early 2000s.

One thing that worked well for me last year was posting monthly stats of mature anki cards. So I'll start that here now:

grammar: a backlog of 174 reviews, with 640 mature
kanji: 727 mature
vocab: 5,416 mature

Overall I'm hoping to focus less on anki this year. I have this informal goal of trying to have less than 100 vocab reviews a day. Recently I've been adding 2 new vocab cards a day.

I'm hoping that reducing time in anki frees up time to do other things with the language. For example, I recently started working with a teacher more on speaking and writing. I actually just sent him a draft of an email I wrote to a friend who I'm hoping to visit in my trip to Japan. He made lots of corrections, and I just emailed my friend the revised version.

There are lots of super-motivated people here, and I'm much more chill about Japanese. I'm hoping that the people who wind up joining this thread can be positive, and that we can all help and support each other!

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