The (New, Not-At-All-Outdated) Japanese Podcast and Streaming Audio Thread

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Per Fabrice, creating a new thread for up to date info on podcast and streaming Japanese audio. I'll try and keep this master thread updated with podcasts that are current, i.e., that actively stream new episodes.

Initial entries - please post your own recommendations in a single post below. By posting, you are agreeing to keep your post up to date should the status of your resources change.

**配信中 (Currently Broadcasting)**

ひいきびいき -
**Beginner Recommended** - H/t @daniel_wahl for this awesome, greater-for-beginners podcast by UX designer Sakota Daichi and actress Kimura Haruka. 203 episodes as of 12/29/2016. Daichi and Haruka take turns talking about 贔屓 (their favorite things) - food, idol groups, video games, etc. I'm just a couple episodes in but I'm already hooked.

Hotcast WAVE (HOTCAST and そこあに) -
**Beginner Recommended** - Two of Japan's most durable podcasts with years worth of episodes.  Very easy entry for people looking for unscripted listening content; Kumo-san is the unsung idol of Japanese language learners. HOTCAST is two commentators (Kumo and Micchi) talking about food, alcohol, tech and other lifestyle subjects, while そこあに is a four- or five-way discussion on recent anime that appeals to adults. You can also purchase and download years' worth of old episodes from 2005 to 2011 for about $10 a year. Each broadcast accepts reader comments, and reads a few on air each week. (I've never gotten up the gumption to submit anything, but I've heard a few posts over the years from non-native speakers.)

恋汐りんごとぱいぱいでか美のぱいはわラジオ -
Beginner Friendly. A free chat between Koishio Ringo, one of the members of the idol group バンドじゃないもん! and Pai-Pai Dekami, a Japanese rapper/DJ. (YMMV; she's about as out there as her name suggests.) Ongoing and regular podcast as of the date of this post. I've only listened to a little so far, but it's very slow, entry-level language for new learners. If you like idols, this is probably your thing.

NHK podcasts
Mostly news. NHK ジャーナル in the NHK News stream is the go-to for most of us news junkies, as it's a solid hour every weekday of news, commentary, and special reports. (And sports. Zzzzzzz.) マイあさラジオ appears to be snippets of conversations with experts on various news topics. (NHKジャーナル also does such interviews regularly, particularly on Thursdays and Fridays.)

TBS Radio -
Formerly a series of podcasts, TBS has shifted all of their streaming content to their own Web site. Their player isn't the greatest, but on the plus side, they have a variety of programs like たまむすび that offer fast-paced conversations on various news and cultural topics. They often have colorful and entertaining guests like カンニング竹山. UPDATE - TBS has now moved from its crappy online player to an iOs/Android app. Unfortunately, for now, the app seems equally crappy. It's netting around a 1.5 star rating on the Apple App Store, mainly because of login/logout issues, and because the app seems to want to re-download episodes you've already downloaded. The latter was especially painful for me as I was trying to listen to some political podcasts on the train back from Itami to Shinagawa, and the app insisted on re-downloaded episodes over my slow ass T-Mobile international plan. The app's usable, but it works much better over Wifi than mobile at the moment. 

女子だけ体育館に集会!! (Girls-Only Gathering in the Gym) -
Haven't listed to this myself yet, but it's still going strong as of 12/16/2016. Content is available to download in MP3 format. Update - This is described as "by girls, for girls", so if you're a dude, your mileage may vary. I personally find it interesting, and the rapid conversational tone makes for great listening practice.

**配信終了 (Old But Archived)**

Note: If you find something in this section, I encourage you to consider spending some time archiving a show's audio before it goes offline. If possible, please host in a stable file hosting/share account you own (GDrive, Amazon Drive, DropBox, etc.) that supports secure access, rather than posting to a free media sharing site.  

ねえねえ聞いて! -
Cyatoco!! This is the podcast of an older Japanese woman (I think?? previous reviewers called her "young", so who knows...) who mainly shares rare information, shares stories of gratitude, and discusses science of happiness-type news articles as well. She's the sweet Japanese aunt you always wish you had. I haven't listened closely to the last episode to see if anything's happened, but her posting has been very sporadic this past year, so I'm putting her in the Archived column. Easy, great for beginners. (If someone can potentially grab an archive of this before it disappears, that'd be awesome.)

Suntory Saturday Waiting Bar Avanti -
The quintessential "two people talking in a bar" podcast. (No, that's not a genre - I'm just being cheeky.) For intermediate to advanced learners. Great for practicing listening to people speak about casual topics at a brisk, natural pace. 365 back-episodes available; all told, it's roughly 50-60 hours of pure, non-stop listening practice. NOTE: I'm apparently really bored at work today, b/c I just wrote a PowerShell script to download all 365 episodes (thank you, URLs w/o GUIDs and random hashes).  Should this ever disappear, I'll be happy to share it out on odrive. 

まりもえお! -
The quintessential "three girls talking" podcast (okay, I need some new 口癖). Per tokyostyle: "Broadcast all through high-school and long after. Their last podcast is over a year old but the archives go back to the beginning and there are 106 episodes to chew through. (This is a direct link to their first month of podcasts.)"

l-Rのポッドキャスト (Listening-Reading Podcasts)
Podcast-style materials with transcriptions available. Pointers to archived content allowed, but must be stored in a stable cloud storage solution (no free media hosting sites with short-lived links). Only podcast-style content should be submitted (no audiobooks, radio drama, etc.).

LingQ "Podcasts" - (Freemium)
The LingQ service has a number of podcast-style monologues and dialogues with full transcripts. Subscribers can download the associated MP3 files as well as copy the transcripts to local storage. 

自分で調べろ! (Find it yourself!)

ニッポン放送Podcasting Station -
NBS's latest-and-greatest podcasting directory. Lots of entertainment and lifestyle content appears to be available here.
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