Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy (SGJL) Memrise Courses

(2017-05-19, 9:23 am)littlejackal Wrote: NM, thanks so much for your work setting this up. I've been bouncing around study methods and it really helped me focus on studying rather than flailing around trying out different tools and methods.

I notice in one of your early videos you had a KLC option next to RTK. I can't seem to find that in the first post or memrise; Is it something that you abandoned or is there still a KLC you recommend?

I'm pretty much going to stick with your method right now so if RTK is what's recommended I don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for the companion book to switch systems, especially when I'm this fresh into the whole process and not heavily invested one way or the other.

Thanks again!

The KKLC course was made by another person. You can see a link to it in the Memrise forum thread I linked. As I didn't create or manage the course, I didn't list it here. If it matters, you don't really need a book for the Kanji course as the videos, this website or the Memnotes provide all the user created stories to help.
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