Yomichan (JP dictionary for Chrome/Firefox + EPWING + auto flashcards)

(2016-07-11, 4:10 pm)FooSoft Wrote: I don't think the Chrome security model allows extensions to save files to arbitrary locations on the user's hard drive, but I'll check.

Would it be possible to create a feature that fails cards of words you have to lookup and get that merged into the official plugin? For instance something equivalent to this for the chrome plugin:

So I'm envisioning, if the word is already added the popup box big circle would be dimmed out, if you click the icon in this state (or introduce a new fail icon) it would set the card with the keyword as due since you had to look it up. 

This seems like a good way to keep track of words you should already know even when you are outside the context of anki - say a news article, a or word lookup, etc.

Does anyone have any interest in something like this?
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