Yomichan (JP dictionary for Chrome/Firefox + EPWING + auto flashcards)

(2016-06-07, 5:12 am)Roketzu Wrote: [Image: LgYKJk6.png]

May I ask you where you have this deck of cards from? Is it a shared deck or is it your own? I once found a really neat vocab deck with Japanese definitions and sentences but I managed to delete it and not being able to find it ever again.

Ryuudoo: I have already uninstalled rikaikun in Opera and am using yomichan full time. It's simply that much more stable. However, I can't seem to get AnkiConnect to work. I enabled it in the extension and installed the Anki plugin, but I can't click on any of the "add card" buttons. Am I missing an important step? Of course it could have something to do with a lack of Opera compatibility.

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