What do you think of Wanikani?

(2017-04-19, 12:22 am)NinKenDo Wrote: Good sight for beginners, but too damned slow for someone used to study intensively. I also felt like I was getting too many reviews of easy stuff, and failing reviews of hard stuff too often. When my first paid subscription ran out, I decided not to put any more money into it, and feel like I made the right choice there.

I bought a year's worth of subscription two months ago, because I had a real problem with discipline. I ended up trying to learn and giving up on Japanese three times since 2014, so WaniKani was going to be the thing that I did every day for a year (and 2 months) no matter what just to keep me learning the language.

Turns out I ended up branching out to other places to learn grammar/vocab and some kanji. It achieved what I wanted it to, though; it motivated me enough to do Japanese every day for the past two months, which is 1 and a half months longer than any of my previous attempts.

Still gonna keep doing it, of course. Wasted $50 otherwise. The other bonus is that it has 6,000 vocabulary words, and not all of them are common, so mixing it with core 6k means that I'll be getting something closer to 10k vocabulary by the end of this year.

School takes up a big chunk of my time though, so WaniKani is still quite viable at the moment; because I'm doing something.

I'm curious to hear the opinions of someone who made it all the way through WaniKani and whether it helped all that much.

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