Kanji Ryokucha [Android client for Kanji Koohii] out now!

What is it?

A native Android client for Kanji Koohii reviewing. Not a replacement for the site, just an extension to enhance the review experience. Its star feature: ability to draw the kanji on the device.

How much is it?


Where is it?
Sorry -- no Play store. Bad experience.


Short story: I wanted it for myself and I'm happy to share it in case anyone else finds it useful.

I have time. Why?

OK. For some reason I never felt comfortable using Anki for my reviewing, or maybe I just never got the hang of it. For some time I was happy using a nice SRS app called Kanji Renshuu. Its downside, however, was that everything worked locally, so you could not do your reviews anywhere or with different devices. Then I switched to Kanji Koohii which solves that by keeping all your data in the cloud. So this site worked best for me. After some time, despite its mobile friendliness, I started missing the native experience, and thought it would be cool to have the best of both worlds. And it would be extra cool if you could draw the kanji right on the app, so you could drop the notepad. The idea was welcomed by Fabrice, who added support on the site for such a project (thanks man!). I trained myself in Android development and got to work. Since I got the app to submit the review answers to Kanji Koohii, I do all my reviews with it.

It is supposed to be pretty much intuitive but just in case here's a user guide:

Minimum OS supported is Jelly Bean, and it was tested on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone with KitKat and a Galaxy Tab 4 with Lollipop. Needless to say the tablet is better for drawing -- I guess the larger the screen the better.

Feel free to make suggestions or report issues.

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