(2017-03-20, 5:52 am)crasskitty Wrote: すり抜ける...お前の本来の右目の力か

Can anyone please translate this sentence.

"Slip through... The true power of your right eye?"

Without context I can't be sure of an accurate interpretation, but probably the speaker is asking either 'Is that the true power of your right eye?' or 'By using the true power of your right eye?'.

(2017-03-20, 8:14 am)ItaiB Wrote: When a book is described as 新版 ("new edition"), does it mean it's the first edition, the second edition, or some edition ≥2?

Consider, for instance, the following product details section for the textbook 漢字練習ノート 小学1年生 by 下村 昇 and まつい のりこ (偕成社 2011).
新版 means exactly 'new edition' ... usually that's a synonym for 'revised edition' and is probably different from the original edition.
(It can also be used to mean 'a new book that's just been/is just about to be published', but probably only when talking about a publisher's catalog, not when talking about the characteristics of a book.)

That's talking about the meaning of the word in sentences, of course, but I expect it means 'revised edition' in a product description.

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