How are these translations of a bunch of Star Fox 64 quotes? Here they are:

Wolf-そうはさせるか! スターフォックス!! (Like I'd let you do that, Star Fox!)

Leon-アンドルフ様が お前らを倒せとさ (Emperor Andorf has permitted us to dispose of you.)

Wolf-遊びは終わりだ スターフォックス! (Playtime's over, Star Fox!)

Leon-たっぷり いたぶってから料理してやる! (I will tease you plenty before I cook you.)

Pigma-地獄で親父が 待ってるそうや! (I hear your dad's waiting in Hell!)

Andrew-我々に逆らった事を 後悔させてやる! (You will regret opposing us!)

Leon-たっぷり、かわいがってやる! (I will be really sweet to you!)

Leon-私を撃ち落とせるならやってみなさい (Please, try your luck. Shoot me down.)

Andrew-お前達は 門前払いだ (We will not let you through.)

Wolf-図にのるなよ スターフォックス!! (Don't push your luck, Star Fox!!)

Leon-ボウヤこの新しいオモチャで遊んであげよう (Little boy, I will play with you with this new toy.)

Pigma-親父と同じでお前も 甘いヤツやのう (You're too soft like your dad, boy!)

Andrew-下等動物がアンドルフ様に会えると思ったか (You lower animals thought you could meet Emperor Andorf?)

Pigma--ペッピー 昔の仲間のよしみで楽にしたろ (For our old times, I'll put you down Peppy.)

Pigma-こいつは、わてからのおごりや! 受け取りや (I've got a treat for you! Take it!)

Wolf-さすがだよ言う事ねえしかし そこまでだ (You're good like I thought. You're good, but you won't do more than that!)

Leon-まだまだ お楽しみはこれからだ! (This party has just started!)

Pigma-無駄や!こいつには大金をつぎ込んどるんや (It's no use! I put too much cash into this.)

Andrew-どこまでも 我々に逆らう気か!! (How stubborn! You still oppose us!!)

Wolf-ばっばかな 俺よりも上なのか (No way! You're better than me?...)

Leon-つっ、強すぎる (So strong!)

Pigma-なんやと!? この わてが・・・ (What!? I...)

Pigma-お前らの首にかかった 賞金はわてらのもんや (After I take your head, we'll get the reward.)

Andrew-恐くはない! 振り切ってやる!! (I am not fearful! Move away!!)
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