多読 Tadoku Reading Challenge

It's Tadoku month again! I'm pretty excited since it's my first full month. Anyone else taking the challenge?

Current round: Round 2: 6月1日から31日まで (aka 1-31st of JuneWink)

In case you don't know what it is...
What is Tadoku?
It's a challenge to practice reading in your target language as much as possible. Users are ranked according to the number of pages they've read. It's competitive, and it's a good way to motive yourself to read more.

How do I sign up?
You need a Twitter account. You can either sign up and keep track of your reading via Twitter...or just use the web app. It's much easier that way. Rounds are as following:
Round 1: January 1st - 31st
Round 1.5: March 15th - 31st
Round 2: June 1st - 30th
Round 2.5: August 15th - 31st
Round 3: October 1st - 31st
You just sign up a few days before the challenge starts and you're ready to go.

Tadoku Blog
Tadoku Web App

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