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Core 6k deck - adding furigana - eru777 - 2017-04-16

Hello everyone. I want to add furigana to the single word answer portion of the core 6k deck. (In this picture, it's the word chokusetsu, 直接)
Any ideas are welcome.

[Image: 11.png?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAISVUXXOK32ATON...FlUbClc%3D]
Here's the code:
PHP Code:

hr id=answer>
span style="font-family: Meiryo; ">{{furigana:Reading}}</span><br><br>
Sentence-Audio}}-- <span style="font-size: 10px">{{Notes}}</span> --


Thanks for reading!

RE: Core 6k deck - adding furigana - yogert909 - 2017-04-17

In order to render furigana on your cards, the field actually needs to have furigana. You can tell if there is furigana if there is kana in brackets after the word. If your fields don't have furigana, you can generate it with the japanese support plugin.

RE: Core 6k deck - adding furigana - eru777 - 2017-04-18

I found the problem through another thread, I had
PHP Code:
instead of
PHP Code: