.cue sheets for videos files?

I have been using "video booksmarks" for years!

Didn't you see this before:

It doesn't matter whether it's video or audio, you can bookmark any media file with such software.

Quote:With this program, you can create custom video bookmarks for movies and videos to quickly navigate to scenes. Each bookmark can have a name, a description and a duration to display your bookmark description onscreen!

This program can help you manage your time with your video or movie better, and for language learning, you've got a great tool to help study.
[Image: bookmark.gif]

You can put the subtitle in the field of the bookmark's name.
Yes yes, ahibba, I saw that you were condescendingly bragging in the other thread ( about 'what's new here' and 'I've been doing something similar for 7 years' and in this thread I even referenced the Subtitle Workshop idea you mentioned. I must've tuned it out, alongside the link you just posted where a couple weeks after the 'interactive transcripts' post, you took the time to add screenshots and a description but no links...

Also, that tool doesn't do what I've been talking about. Balloonguy, creator of the 'rubier' thingy, is on the right track, methinks, and also, my main focus is on 'controlled shadowing' at the moment.

Apologies if I come off as snarky, but your writing voice alternately amuses and annoys me. Having said that, thanks for bumping this thread, I was trying to figure out how to do so without seeming dogged. ;p
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Sorry nest0r, I was commenting on Axlen's reply #12 regarding the patent of video bookmark idea.

Actually, I didn't realize that you are the original poster until I went back to copy the url of Axlen's comment!
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ahibba Wrote:Sorry nest0r, I was commenting on Axlen's reply #12 regarding the patent of video bookmark idea...!
I've never used video bookmarking myself but I can see how it could be useful. Thanks for sharing your experiences ahibba. I found the ATT patent funny though. Damn patent trolls they be Wink

As far as the topic of this thread goes, Balloonguy seems to have picked up on essence of it and has prototyped an interesting application. I've played with the most recent incarnation in Firefox but was unable to get the audio to work. I could see that the player was attempting to play the media file when I clicked on the links, but no audio was present. I tried both mp3 and ogg audio files. It loaded the ass file just fine though.
Sorry, I've been busy this weekend. I made some stupid mistakes in the latest post, I'll try to fix it soon.
balloonguy Wrote:Sorry, I've been busy this weekend. I made some stupid mistakes in the latest post, I'll try to fix it soon.
No problem! ;p Did you see this as well? - Many possibilities there. Specifically the dinglabs reader!
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Here is a fixed version. It supports ass, srt, multiline srt, and trs. See this for the support browsers have for the varying media types. It cannot load local media. On Firefox, you are allowed to load local subtitles, while in Chrome you are not. Also, remote subtitles must be publicly shared dropbox files.
However, if you download the page and open it locally, you can open any local file in either browser, just prefix it with file:///. While you can also load remote media, you cannot load remote subtitles.
For the Frog Prince example, use for the audio, and for the subtitles.
Hurrah! Works a treat so far, thank you! I had to convert mp3 to wav/ogg with Audacity to get it to work in Firefox, but that just took a few seconds. There were slight misalignments towards the end, but they were easily corrected with another click slightly to the left, and I think that is related to Axlen's initial usage of the .trs with mp3 or something, guess we still need to streamline that whole process with various tools/workflow design. I like the idea of sharing the .trs at the RevTK wiki as Axlen did, as well.

Going to tinker around and brainstorm some more. So many possibilities!!
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I've re-timed the trs file I created for The Frog Prince sample, so it should sync perfectly now. You can update your copy from here: updated: The Frog Prince trs.

Re-timed: The Frog Prince via DingLabs Reader.

In the other thread tool for interactive subs + streaming video; 'controlled' shadowing I posted a note about Transcriber and using wav files instead of mp3 files for timing.
By the way balloonguy, is there a way to get the highlight thingy to move with the playback? ;p (And/or to work with .srt files.)
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@balloonguy - I think you should like, have your own thread about this thing where you write levelheaded, clear stuff, as opposed to me scattering befuddling links and convoluted writing everywhere. This is a cool tool that has tonnes of potential but I fear I'm doing little to clearly promote it. ;p
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nest0r Wrote:So wait, there's no way to preview the media in Anki cards? Weird. (Weird as in I think I hallucinated that this was a new option in latest version.)
No what's weird is I just noticed the blatant F2/Preview button in Anki that works in the Add Card dialogue and the Browser. Why didn't I see that before?? Thanks for the heads up people, you missed an opportunity to slap nest0r in the face with something obvious.
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