Kanji mosaics

Hello folks. I have been a long time lurker and want to thank the community for giving me motivation and strategies that have been absolutely fantastic. This is my way of trying to repay the community for the help you've given me.

I think everyone here knows how tough it can be to sometimes get the motivation to study kanji but I have been doing something for a while that I thought I would share. It helps motivate me and hopefully it can help motivate you also!

So I what I do is make my friends and coworkers these mosaics made up of a bunch of kanji. It's kind of hard to explain, but here's a video showing me making some.

They are fun to make and your friends/coworkers will enjoy them.

I offer to make them for people. It's fun and a great way to study so I perhaps you could do the same thing.
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Awesome video! You got me all pumped up and I just had to do my RTK reviews after viewing it. P.S. Thank god you weren't a troll Wink
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Great video man!
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What's the song? Sounds like Sigur Rós…
Very creative, thumbs up! Smile
Wow, they look amazing!
Thanks for the video, I might consider trying out something similar.
turvy Wrote:Amazing.
What's the song? Sounds like Sigur Rós…
the song is by Jónsi, vocalist of Sigur Rós. It's called "Go Do".

I loved the idea, great job!
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Nice idea, I think I'll make some too. ^^
Beautiful - thank you so much for sharing!
Man, oh man! This video is wicked sick! And on top of that very inspirational! Thanks for sharing it!
Shameless self plug for kanji art:

Been over a year since I touched a paintrush, though. I really should get back into it.
Also Awesome! I can't zoom in enough to see what kanji you used on some of your paintings though!
In most cases, it's a fairly direct kanji for whatever is being protrayed, 木 for tree (or 松 for the pine trees), though some of them are a little less direct. The one of the castle uses 松前and 松前城 since it was based on Matsumae castle. Most of the larger pieces also had one single kanji mixed in somewhere, like 鳥 written once in the big blue area that's otherwise filled with 空.
You should seriously get a place in The Guinness Book of Records for this. You're a kanji beast;d
This is a great video. I like the concept Smile, but the videography(?)/composition of the video is very nice. Great piece.
Wow dude, impressive video! Respect! Smile
Thanks a bunch for the nice words everyone. six8ten, those are some sweet pictures, nice work!
Wow, I'm really impressed by both your work! O_O It's super amazingly awesome, that's all I can say. Tongue