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Meaning of 菌 (germ) new
firstborn son 惣 new
Government kanji study - kanji & TV new
令 Alternative form "Orders" Kanji? Frame #1401 new
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花 - flower primitive/radical... new
EeKanji new
灰 = Puckery Juice?? new
What makes a kanji "difficult" to the Japanese? new
Stroke order of 斤 ? new
Can anyone help with reading this? new
problematic keyword new
Kanji Psychoanalysis new
Stroke count for Korea new
The Origins & Uses of the Kanji 場 new
きらきらアフロ (YouTube) new
radical question new
The stroke order of 癶 (teepee) primitive new
Japanese TV: 漢字大好き new
AMANA Website new
Origins of 仮名 new
A message from Kampo Harada.. new
Kanji experiment new
The traditional version of 双 (pair) new
Chinese Kanji versus Japanese Kanji new
What to do with too much time
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