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Quite a lot people in RTK1 mention how they burn out at certain stages, or that they find certain chapters/primitives a challenge, and that it is generally a common thing. This page serves as a kind of index with a list of chapters, and reviews/warnings for each stage of the book; potentially a great motivator, and possibly a burnout prevention system (knowing how fast to go, or that you're at a hard stage, and not the only one finding it difficult must be an incentive).

I left a note for every lesson, but I'm sure my advice isn't always the best, so do edit it as you see fit.
Thank you.
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Not mane people replied to this thread, but I have to say thank you. Before starting a lesson I always check this page out, to prepare myself, to see how long that lesson is going to be, to know if this lesson is going to be hard (that helps me in a way, that when I don't remember some kanji, I just can tell my brains, that it's nothing to worry about, this lesson was hard, not only for me, so it's ok to not remember few... Or more than 50% of what I learnt Big Grin) and so on. I enjoy every second of reading it. Tongue Would be even more awesome if these comments were longer, if there more people who would write their experiences, their tips on how to learn some kanji easier, how to get a better image off it and so on, but w/e, it is how it is. Smile
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Glad it helped! Big Grin It's on the wiki so everyone is free to add what they like wherever. It is extra effort however, so I'm not surprised most people wouldn't bother... Also I did try and keep my comments short, since it's probably a better idea to just do the lesson than spend hours preparing for it Tongue Thanks anyway!
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Wow, thanks ファブリス!
Hey, thanks for doing this, it's a lot of work, and has cheered me up about getting through the last 400 odd^^
As I'm don't care enough to message people to make a wiki account for one small thing, I'll just post here! (really defeats the purpose of the wiki if you can't easily make alterations to it Tongue)

In the RTK V6, in Lesson 34, Kanji 1382 - Trail says:
Person soil compass taskmaster.
That is the description of Arrogance, Lesson 27, 1054.

It should read:
(Wooden) Leg... Religion [15]

Would be a good note to put on the walk through. Though the kanji isn't in RTK v5 at all.
nbartley Wrote:(really defeats the purpose of the wiki if you can't easily make alterations to it Tongue)
I agree it's not ideal but the fact is very few legit accounts were registered on the Wiki.

As it stands it'as as simple as PMing someone on the forum it's explained in the login/register page of the wiki.
The link is recently down. Can it be fixed? I liked the walkthrough.
Should work now.

I really don't want to spend a few hours right now figuring out MyBB cookies, so I disabled the "automatic authentication" code that I had setup with the old forum. That means new wiki visitors won't be signed in, and can not create an account.
Thanks Fabrice
This is a valuable work and I am thankful to everyone who contributed. I will start learning soon (my book is on shipment from Amazon) and I will check the comments for each chapter just to prepare myself pshycologically.