Beta: Anime2k vocab deck

Thank you for sharing! I have had less than zero time for studying lately, but hoping that might change soon.
(2017-04-23, 1:20 pm)Zarxrax Wrote: I have made a big update to the spreadsheet. I have completed collecting 3 sentences for the words that do not appear in core6k.
In the process, I found a lot of words that shouldn't have been in the list, and have removed them. I also removed a few more counters/suffixes and some interjections. In all, more than 60 words have been replaced, which was more than I expected.

Going forward, I expect very few changes to the word list, probably less than 10 words at the most. Collecting sentences for the remaining words should be significantly faster on a per-word basis, though I'm not sure how much free time I'll have left for this. I've been mostly been doing this at work because I've had a lot of free time, but that free time will likely be drying up soon.

So the deck contains example sentences now?
(2017-04-23, 10:42 pm)NinKenDo Wrote: So the deck contains example sentences now?

As stated, only for the subset of words which are not part of the core6k.  I'll be adding those next.